With the first quarter of 2013 almost in our rearview, now’s a good time for small-business owners to look back at their marketing goals for the year, assess how things have shaped up thus far, and decide what, if any, actions need to be taken to improve your results the rest of the year.

Being an honest critic of your own small business can be difficult, especially if the goals you set are more nebulous than concrete. Which is why it’s so important to establish specific goals that are measurable based on indisputable metrics.

If the data you collect indicate your marketing actions either didn’t add up to the correct course of action or could have been implemented more effectively, then you’ll have the information you need to either tweak your existing goals or strategize new ones.

For guidance, I recommend reading Pamela Wilson’s “Beware the Ideas of March,” a new article courtesy of copyblogger.com. A successful strategic-marketing and branding consultant in her own right, Wilson provides four key recommendations for how small-business owners should assess their companies’ results and make the necessary changes for improved performance.