Wearable Technology in the Workplace

By |Mar 28, 2014|

Todd Smith, Entry Products Business Group, Xerox


The Chicago Tribune explores wearable technology in this column titled, “Looking ahead to wearable tech in the workplace.” Wearable technology is

Is ‘Remote’ a Four-letter Word?

By |Mar 14, 2014|

In today’s business climate, in which it’s become increasingly common for a company’s staff to be geographically dispersed, many hiring managers still cringe at the thought

Work Is Not A Place Anymore. Are You Prepared for What’s Next?

By |Feb 14, 2014|

David Bates, Vice President, Marketing and eCommerce, Xerox North American Resellers


Here, there and everywhere. Thanks to mobile technology, today’s workforce is getting work done essentially anywhere

How to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Customers

By |Feb 12, 2014|

According to digital marketing research firm eMarketer, shoppers who rely on mobile devices to inform their purchase decisions and/or conduct retail transactions are dramatically altering the

Small Business Solutions: Five Budget-friendly Mobile Ad Tools

By |Nov 12, 2013|

If you run a small business and mobile advertising isn’t a sizable component of your overall marketing strategy, you’re likely ignoring significant income potential.

According to a