by Halle Smith, Content Manager, Xerox Interactive Marketing

“It’s almost impossible to discuss brands without mentioning Apple,” notes Xerox Thought Leader John M. Kelly in his new eBook, “Between the Lines.” Apple’s creativity, originality and people-friendly technology are reinforced at every customer touchpoint, from packaging to advertising to interacting with an Apple Genius Bar employee. 

“If brand consistency is so incredibly important,” Kelly asks, “why isn’t it so commonplace?” Based on Xerox’s experience with clients, five reasons continually surface: 

  1. Fragmented, decentralized communications. In many organizations, one group handles high-level brand communications management, while other groups produce the “routine” documents necessary for ongoing customer communication. 
  2. Cost-center myopia. Post-sale communications are often viewed as a cost center, so organizations economize on development and production, rather than reengineer these documents to improve the customer experience.
  3. Minimal touchpoint unity. Many companies lack a big-picture view of their touchpoints, missing the fact that each one strengthens, maintains or detracts from the brand.
  4. Taking customers for granted. Remarkably few companies build on their brand to deepen relationships with existing customers.
  5. Ineffectual documents. Businesses frequently send out documents that are poorly designed or vastly underutilized, hindering a short-lived opportunity to make a customer connection.

John M. Kelly's new eBook details how documents can transform your business

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