Manager, Desktop Product Marketing
Xerox Indirect Channels Business Group

Smaller firms, especially in the advertising and marketing industries, are scrambling. But surprisingly, business owners biggest worry isn’t about healthcare or taxes. The number one worry is getting more customers in the door… to win more bids. With over 3.5 million small businesses, 130,000 in advertising and marketing in the U.S. alone, the scarcity of customers leads to intense competition. At first glance, seems gloomy.  

Yet there is evidence to the contrary. Gordon Kaye from Graphic Design states “90% of graphic designers still work on print”. Some small boutique firms are winning new customers by providing excellent service and fast response times.  

Xerox Phaser 7800 Color Printer

With the introduction of the Xerox Phaser 7800 tabloid-size color printer, we are bringing our experience in print and marketing communications to help smaller firms solve real business problems.  

The current business climate pushes advertising agencies, graphic design shops, marketing communications firms, and  even creative departments within larger companies to:   

  1. get jobs done quicker, 
  2. and cheaper,
  3. all while improving effectiveness of printed material itself.

In looking for a color printer, these firms want to simply choose the color they want,  get that color on the print, and maintain that color while pumping out those pages.  

Our engineering team has done a fantastic job putting together the Xerox Phaser 7800 color printer using the best that Xerox has to offer. We started with latest high gloss EA toner formulation. Next we used the HiQ LED print system for better dot-to-dot intensity, timing control, and precise color registration with a true 1200×2400 dpi print resolution. Then we married it to a zippy 45 page per minute paper path, backed it with a big enough processor along with hardware assisted edge enhancement and trapping, and added auto density correction as well as an easy-to-use color calibration and matching solution, PhaserMatch.

We even filmed a customer.  

I think the Phaser 7800 is perfect for the smaller graphic firms. Check out the new Phaser 7800 and let us know if you have any questions. More importantly, tell us what you think.