Peter Ward, Vice President, Strategy and Marketing
Xerox Indirect Channels Group

Yes, EVERY business.

You likely consider Xerox to be one of those companies only interested in selling to big companies. You may have even seen an ad or commercial talking about how Xerox is helping large businesses like Michelin, Ducati or Marriot Hotels, and it is true to say we have a strong heritage in this area but…

Our mission is to solve business problems for companies of any size.

We accomplish our mission in several different ways. For example, we “rightsize” our technology. With our recently announced Xerox Phaser 7800, we specifically designed that color printer for small design firms. In bringing that product to market, we used technology found in much larger machines. The toner technology, the advanced methods for ensuring accurate color and the output folding, stapling and stacking components were all first used to satisfy the needs of large volume color print shops.

We also “upsize” our technology. Our solid ink technology was designed from scratch to solve the needs of color printing in small businesses. Our Phaser 8560 color printer helps a one-person catering company in Wisconsin print menus. The professional appearance of the printed documents helps the firm win more bids by cost effectively showing prospective clients the capabilities of the firm.

Besides products and services, we also believe in small business. So much so, we rely on a network of resellers, agents and dealers – the majority of whom have less than 50 employees – to represent our products in North America, Europe and the rest of the world. Smaller firms want to purchase from other smaller firms. We want to support those smaller firms by investing in small business.

Yes, you often hear about Xerox working with large companies but there are many more smaller firms that do business with Xerox every day. We want to work with yours.

How do we specifically help smaller businesses? That’s the topic for my next post coming in February.