Good Things Come in Small Packages

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My 16-year-old daughter recently discovered Tiffany & Co. I can hear the sympathetic sigh of many fathers out there as they know exactly what that means. Small gifts with a big pricetag. She’ll look at me some days and say, “Dad, good things come in small packages” and I know she’s referring to that little blue box and the sparkling item inside.   

Yes – good things do come in small packages and I can say that about a couple of new color multifunction printers (MFPs) we introduced today. The ColorQube 8700 and ColorQube 8900 multifunction printers are small products but pack a big punch for businesses small to large. Not only are these MFPs small in comparision to larger copiers or MFPS, but the ink comes in tiny packages as well. 

That’s because it’s Solid Ink. No cartridges needed in this technology so the supply boxes are small. Gone are the days where you need an entire closet or room for your printer supplies, and because the ColorQube 8700 and ColorQube 8900 are compact, gone are the days of a dedicated copier room. With these multifunction printers, you not only get high performance in a small package, you also get the benefit of Solid Ink technology. 

Solid Ink was designed to have a smaller impact on the environment versus comparable laser products. Smaller means less to recycle, less to ship and that means less trucks on the road. You can also make a big impact on your office by consolidating a printer, scanner, fax machine and copier into a ColorQube 8700 or ColorQube 8900.

See for yourself all the good things these small boxes can bring to your office and tell us what you think. And if you like what you see, enter our “Rethink Your Ink” Twitter sweepstakes for a chance to win a ColorQube 8700. 


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