Important Steps for SMBs to Take When Making IT Investments

By Shell Haffner, Manager, Desktop Product Marketing Team, Xerox Office and Solutions Business Group


It’s no surprise that IT plays an integral role in any business – so it’s critical to invest wisely in a product or service that will keep up with the demands of your business and deliver accordingly.

MSPmentor recently reported on a Spiceworks report that SMBs will invest more heavily in IT this year. Specifically, to increase IT budgets, they will invest in end-user hardware purchases and new cloud-based (and hosted) IT services, rather than hiring internal IT personnel.

These findings reflect the trend that SMBs are looking to do more with less – meaning they are trying to get more out of their current workforce by adding better, more reliable technology to their existing toolset.

If you are looking to take a similar approach, here are some tips to consider:

  • Audit business practices: Take time to think about your business needs and goals to determine what technology you need to build an agile workplace. Start by taking a look around your office to see what areas need improvement and where you can simplify your business. For instance, if you see piles of paper, it likely means there is a workflow process that’s out of control and there’s a better a way to manage it.
  • Do research: Work to identify different capabilities that are available in the market today and how they can help your business. Talk to your employees and fellow SMBs to learn which capabilities they use, are interested in or don’t recommend. After all, your employees will be the ones using this new technology, so getting their input could prove to be valuable in the long run.
  • Safeguard investments: IT investments can be costly, so it’s critically important to safeguard and keep information secure. A recent survey of SMBs worldwide demonstrates how SMB owners’ attitudes toward IT can have a significant impact on their business – there appears to be a positive correlation between protecting information assets and achieving business goals. Choose dependable protection that keeps up with the changing needs of the workplace environment.

Investing in an IT infrastructure is important, and if done correctly, can help you focus on what’s important and achieve desired business outcomes. Have a tip or insight? Share it in the comment box below.

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