Adapting to the Shifting Mobile Ad Landscape

MobileChangesBack in November of 2013, I discussed the importance of mobile advertising as part of a small business’ marketing strategy.

From the piece: “With the near ubiquity of mobile Internet connectivity and a rapidly improving online shopping experience for mobile-device users, it’s clear there’s a major shift underway in how consumers choose to conduct their purchasing.”

And as that trend continues, so does the need for digital marketers to stay apprised of changes among search engines and the mobile devices that display advertisements.

In a recent Search Engine Watch article, “Responding to Device Changes in Google and Bing,” the author provides a thorough rundown of some of the more impactful alterations made by the two most commonly used search engines with regard to the ways in which they display ads on mobile devices. She also shares helpful suggestions for optimizing your mobile advertising on both smartphones and tablets.

Here’s one tip focused on the use of mobile-preferred ads in both Bing and Google: “While mobile-preferred ads aren’t guaranteed to show up on mobile devices only, setting them up in the engines enables you to use ad copy that would appeal to mobile searchers.

“Think about your customers, and what they might be looking for on a mobile device. Then work that into your ad copy. Using mobile-preferred ads can often improve your conversion rate on mobile devices.”

There’s lots to learn in the Search Engine Watch article, so I encourage anyone reading this who’s involved in digital marketing to check it out, and then return here with your comments.

As always, thanks for reading.

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