When it comes to choosing a new multifunction printer – and really understanding what it can do and what to expect – talk is good, but action is better.

That’s why Xerox worked with Buyer’s Lab (BLI) to produce two new videos Together they give you a detailed view of the WorkCentre 4265 through the eyes of one of the leading sources for unbiased and reliable intelligence for the global digital imaging industry.

Xerox was pleased to learn that the WorkCentre 4265 had received BLI’s highly recommended and highly reliable ratings, two very impressive and hard to achieve distinctions, and only after careful testing and inspection. They based their ratings on several factors, starting with its flawless performance over 125,000 printed pages during BLI’s lab test. BLI also recognized the WorkCentre 4265’s class-leading scan performance, and that it is one of the best buys for mid-size to large workgroups who do not require 11×17 printing.

The WorkCentre 4265: An MFP That Helps You Simplify Your WorkflowsXerox WorkCentre 4265

A highly desirable pairing of performance and value, the WorkCentre 4265 is part of Xerox’s monochrome workgroup Multifunction Printer class. With a five star customer rating, the WorkCentre 4265 black and white MFP can print, copy, scan and email, with some models (the WorkCentre 4265/X and WorkCentre 4265/XF) also offering fax capabilities. It also features a 7” capacitive color touch screen, which allows for easy access to scanning workflow tools.

The WorkCentre 4265 is an ideal choice to help you simplify both your digital and paper-driven processes securely and efficiently. You can see it in action, and see a full breakdown of BLI’s testing process and the basis for their outstanding ratings in both the abbreviated and full format videos.

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Tweet: Words are good but video is better. Watch as @BuyersLab reviews the Xerox WorkCentre 4265 MFP.
Tweet: @BuyersLab reviews the Xerox WorkCentre 4265 in two new videos – with some eyebrow raising results.