Make Your Documents Work Better for You with 2016 Xerox ConnectKey Technology

Thinking back to office life 5 or 10 years ago, how we work has evolved. Our job titles might be similar, but the way work gets done is fundamentally different. Files are stored in the cloud, emails are answered from your smartphone, and digital files can stand in for paper. The paperless office hasn’t happened yet, and in fact, 40 percent of business processes still require hardcopy. Your multifunction printer (MFP), is a key bridge to processes that happen with a mix of paper and digital documents, and investing in the right solutions can streamline operations so that your team can focus on the important work that moves your business forward.

Today, we’re announcing the next step in our evolution to help make your year as productive as possible with the release of the 2016 ConnectKey Technology enabled i-Series MFPs. The ConnectKey Technology ecosystem is a combination of hardware and a common set of software solutions and apps, developed by Xerox and our partners, to help simplify and improve the way our customers work. These elements come together to enable intelligent documents that are searchable, secure, connected and collaborative. At the center of this story are the ConnectKey apps that make your documents work better for you. Similar to how your smartphone is more than basic talk and text, the same is true for today’s advanced MFPs – what unlocks their potential for your business are the apps that connect to your work. Let’s take a look at exactly where those connections can happen:

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Connect with your documents

The Xerox App Gallery is a new service loaded on the front panel of new 2016 Xerox ConnectKey Technology enabled i-Series MFPs. From this new portal, you can access additional apps to customize the device to the way you work. In a few steps you can set up scan and print workflows that connect to cloud hosting services such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Office 365, Dropbox and Box. Imagine the time you could save by setting up your MFP to automatically place scanned invoices into your Dropbox or print a file you’ve saved to Google Drive without logging into a PC and finding the right printer? Just walk up, login, and your files are right there waiting for you.  Connecting to your cloud repositories is just the beginning, from the App Gallery you can discover lots of other ways to work better – from one touch buttons that simplify everyday tasks to money saving cloud-based fax apps that get rid of the need for a fax server or dedicated device for smaller volumes.

App gallery

Connect with the world

Whatever your organization size or industry, there’s a good chance you’ve run into documentation in another language, or need to provide translated forms or information to a customer or community member who doesn’t speak your language. Unless you’re a big business, translation can be a complex and costly undertaking – and can slow down communication when you need it most. The new Xerox Easy Translator Service provides translations in 35+ languages, right from your ConnectKey MFP. Simply scan your document in its original language and select an output language and it will print the results right at the device using machine translation. Even better, you can use this service with a picture from your smartphone or drag and drop from any document repository in our online portal at


Connect on the go

We all know about the trend towards BYOD and the adoption of mobile devices to support flexible work– IDC predicts there will  be 105 million mobile workers in the US by 2020. Making sure your team has access to in-office functions when they’re remote is key. For instance, with the existing mobile workforce – Quocirca finds 83% of organizations are interested in mobile print capabilities, but only 14% support that capability.  Over the past two years, we have talked a lot about the ways you can make it easy for mobile workers to print from iOS, Android and with the Xerox Mobile Print Solution, and the latest version of ConnectKey Technology makes it even easier.  Embedded on the front screen of new i-Series MFPs are 2 apps that keep your mobile workforce productive:

@PrintByXerox App

Imagine you’re sitting in a visitor office at a satellite branch for your company and need to print. Whether it’s from your laptop, your smartphone or your tablet, you can print to an MFP by sending your document via email to an @PrintByXerox email address. No drivers or apps needed – think about the minutes (or hours) and frustration saved for your team!


QR Code

When you are using a Xerox app to print or scan from a device, connecting to the specific MFP you’d like to print to is now easier. Once the app is loaded on your smartphone or tablet, you can walk up to the ConnectKey enabled MFP and the device pairs with a simple scan of a QR code. This makes scanning, printing and sharing your documents to a multitude of repositories seamless.


Learn more

Several other updates have been added to the Xerox ConnectKey Technology ecosystem, to help you stay productive, secure, and mobile ready. To learn more about ConnectKey Technology and the i-Series MFPs, and see how Xerox can improve the flow of work for your business, visit

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