Meet the Tools and Solutions That Will Lead Your Digital Transformation

While some documents do need to be printed and stored, most can be digitized, delivering multiple benefits to your business.

By now most small and medium size businesses (SMBs) are realizing that digitizing their data can be a huge boost to their business with a wide range of benefits. Digitizing your paper processes can save time and money, enhance collaboration, and even help to improve data security, a leading concern across all verticals. In fact, digital transformation is the single phrase most likely to be heard in conversations about growth and productivity. Further, digitizing paper documents facilitates archiving, search and retrieval of information, and helps to improve workflows.

Finally digitizing paper intensive processes paves the way for more advanced document management and automation across the business. Overall, digital document management helps give businesses a competitive edge by reducing waste and improving processes.

There is no question that the pressure to move into the digital age is a force that is being felt by organizations of all shapes and sizes. A recent survey by Xerox revealed more than 80% of SMBs across Europe and the U.S. want to cut paper out of the way they invoice, report financials, manage legal and human resource forms and handle other time consuming processes.

As scanning becomes a standard business practice, a wide range of new tools and solutions are rapidly becoming available to help make the transformation easier on SMBs, who want to make a big impact on their business without investing a lot of time or money.

  • Web Capture Service from Xerox dramatically simplifies document scans for users of virtually any web application such as QuickBooks Online, Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps and Workday. It is the only solution that automates and scans a document for immediate use without additional steps of creating files, renaming documents and importing to an application. Best of all, Xerox Web Capture can be used with any scanner regardless of brand.
  • Because you can’t achieve successful digital transformation without mobility solutions, there’s the Xerox® Mobile Link App which allows users to scan and fax directly from their phone or tablet by connecting with Xerox® ConnectKey® enabled multifunction printers. Users can also send documents to and print from cloud storage, while additional options allow you to scan (or print) from your device without connecting to a network.
  • Xerox® DocuShare® Flex is an affordable and easy to use cloud-based option for digitizing processes such as invoicing, sharing files, editing, storing documents and automating document-centric processes, just the way large companies do. Companies with as few as five employees can streamline their business processes, saving time and money.
  • ConnectKey® Technology transforms multifunctions printers into true workplace assistants, helping businesses streamline their workflows, create electronic documents (in some cases, specific to their line of business, like the Xerox Healthcare MFP), print from the cloud, use apps for tasks, and so much more.
How far along is your industry with digitization?

As you begin exploring the tools and solutions that will help you transform your business, you may be wondering where other SMBs like yours are on their digitization journey. Use this interactive tool to explore SMBs by industry and see how you compare to businesses just like yours.

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