5 Secrets to Building Lasting Customer Relationships

What are you doing to earn your customers’ love this Valentine’s Day? Like romantic relationships, your customer relationships need nurturing, too. Here are five things you can do to win your customers’ hearts any time of year.

    1. Give them a shout-out on social media.
      Engaging with your customers’ social media accounts keeps your business top of mind. But don’t just make the occasional comment—actively help spread the word about what they’re doing. Share your customers’ posts and spotlight their projects and successes (especially the ones you helped them with) on social media.Visit LinkedIn to endorse and recommend the individuals you work with at your clients’ companies. Using Xerox’s downloadable Social Media Content Calendar Worksheet makes it easy to plan your social media content in advance so all your customers get equal time and you never forget to promote an important event.
    2. The Xerox Versalink C405 is built with multi-level protection for both documents and data, ready to guard against and eliminate emerging threats.

      Show them you care about keeping their data secure.
      You may be following the proper protocols for your industry to secure and safeguard your customers’ sensitive data, such as financial data or proprietary information. But are you unknowingly exposing them to risks every time an employee at your business prints a document? A whopping 90% of businesses have suffered a security breach as a result of unsecured printing.

      It’s easy for prying eyes to glance at documents left waiting in a printer tray—or even for unscrupulous hands to grab them. You can protect your clients (and your business) by using Xerox multifunction printers with print-on-demand functionality, such as the Xerox Versalink C405 Color Multifunction Printer. This technology enhances security, ensuring that documents don’t print until the person who sent the print job is at the machine to input a PIN code or swipe their security card.

    1. Be there when they need you.
      When something goes wrong for your customers, or they need an order or project turned around on a dime, can they count on your business to save the day? If you’ve streamlined your workflows by digitizing client data – like order history, invoices or payment information, for example – and storing it safely in the cloud, you’ll be ready to seamlessly handle last-minute projects or emergency shipments without breaking a sweat.You can set up Xerox multifunction printers with ConnectKey® technology to scan and print documents directly to and from cloud-based apps such as Dropbox or Microsoft 365. In an age where customer service and experience can make or break your business, you can bet your customers won’t forget how you came to their rescue.

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  1. Stay in touch.
    Say thank you, congratulate your customers on their achievements, or just let them know you’re thinking about them. Emails get lost in the inbox—but taking the time to send a handwritten card or note or pick up the phone and chat will really make a lasting impression.Xerox has printable greeting card templates you can use for just about any occasion when you want to make an impact on your customers.
  2. Celebrate them.
    Download free small business templates here.Take your customers out to a special lunch or dinner to thank them for their business. Better yet, host an event to honor your best customers. Throw a party or invite them to a banquet. Awarding them with a certificate or other token of recognition can make the event more memorable.Check out Xerox’s printable recognition certificates and banners—you’re sure to find the perfect option to use for your special event.

By taking the time to show your customers you care, you’ll nurture long-lasting relationships that help your business grow.

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