When It Comes to Coffee and Printer Supplies, Free Is Always Better

When it comes to purchasing, not every experience is created equal. Take coffee for example. While there are many places to get a cup, I find none more enjoyable than Starbucks. Not only do I like the product, I love the fact that I earn Starbucks rewards points with every purchase. It doesn’t take long before I’m enjoying my favorite beverage for free, compliments of Starbucks.

Sure, I can find coffee at a cheaper price, but the cheaper coffee just doesn’t taste as good to me, and I simply don’t enjoy it as much. Even better, at Starbucks, I’m a gold member, which makes me eligible for bonus reward points, which means I’m earning free coffee just by drinking the coffee I like best!

If you’re buying them anyway, why not get rewarded?

Similar to how I’m rewarded for my repeated Starbucks coffee purchases, Xerox decided that customers should be rewarded for purchasing genuine Xerox printer supplies. It just makes sense, for everyone. Xerox wants you to use quality supplies that are guaranteed to deliver the results you expect, and if you’re buying supplies for your printer anyway, why not get rewarded for your purchase while you’re at it?

As I wrote about in my previous blog, printers really do care about the brand of toner installed (just like I care about the brand of coffee I drink).  With the Genuine Xerox Rewards program, every time you buy qualifying supplies you earn reward points which you can redeem for cool merchandise—for you, your colleagues, and your business.

Genuine Xerox Rewards ProgramGenuine Xerox Rewards Program – Get rewarded for doing what you already do: buying genuine Xerox-branded supplies. Xerox supplies for HP, Brother and other laser printers count, too. Click here to learn more.

Taking customer loyalty to the next level

Xerox is now taking its customer rewards experience to the next level with three different membership tiers that will help our loyal members accumulate reward points even faster. This upgrade offers additional benefits to members based on their activity levels, making it easy to move up and earn more. Simply by registering a Xerox printer, members jump from the Silver level to the Gold, and earn 30% more points. Make the leap from Gold to Platinum and earn 50% more points.

Maybe shopping for printer supplies still isn’t quite as much fun as kicking back with a cup of your favorite coffee, but with points and prizes being offered with every purchase, it’s still pretty cool. Check out this video and see how you can enhance your office environment, reward employees, and even add some entertainment into the office.

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