5 Business Lessons Our Moms Taught Us

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, there’s no better time to be grateful for all we’ve learned from our mothers. Here are five lessons my mom taught me that can help you run a better business today.

  1. Spend your money wisely.
    Does your mom save old wrapping paper or rinse and re-use plastic bags? You don’t have to go that far to cut costs in your business. Save paper with Xerox printers that offer duplex (two-sided) printing; save ink by choosing Xerox printers that let you set permissions and restrict color printing to only those who really need it. Are you in the market for a new printer?

    Check out all the rebates Xerox offers, shop the Xerox Factory Outlet for refurbished Xerox printers, or sign up for the Xerox Small Office Savings Plan that includes a color printer for free. (Spend all the money you save on something nice, like taking Mom to brunch.)
  2. Don’t waste time.
    Whether they work outside the home or not, most moms could teach the world a thing or two about efficiency. Xerox offers plenty of tools that Mom would love to help streamline your workday. For example, Xerox’s Web Capture Service scans documents straight into web applications such as QuickBooks Online, Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps—no need to go through the hassle of creating files, renaming documents and importing them to your apps.

    Since Web Capture Service works with any scanner brand, you don’t have to buy a new one. You can also save time with the Xerox Mobile Link Simply install it on your smartphone or tablet to print, fax or scan directly from your mobile device to a Xerox MFP.
  3. Be prepared.
    Are you wearing clean underwear in case you get hit by a bus? Good. Now develop some emergency plans in case disaster strikes your business. Keep your company operational during a disaster by digitizing your documents and storing them in the cloud. You can automate your Xerox ConnectKey-enabled printer with preset digital workflows to scan documents directly into the appropriate folders and apps so you and your team can access them from anywhere.

    Of course, you need to be ready for everyday “emergencies,” too—like running out of printer ink the morning of your big client presentation. With Xerox’s eConcierge service, no worries: You get printer service coverage in exchange for buying your usual printer supplies. eConcierge also tracks your printers’ supply levels and tells you when to buy supplies so you’re always ready for business.
  4. Be polite.
    Say please and thank you—and be sure to show your appreciation to your employees. Give them lasting recognition using Xerox’s wide range of customizable templates. You’ll find everything from greeting card templates you can use to make a personalized thank-you card to recognition coupons or certificate templates for Employee of the Month. Use a Xerox color printer to make everything look professional. To really make a big splash, try Xerox’s banner templates.
  5. Stay safe.
    From the moment you took your first steps, Mom was always watching out for you. You can do the same for your business’s sensitive data. Start by digitizing your important documents and storing them in the cloud—no more file cabinets or papers lying around where prying eyes can spy.

    Did you know that using the wrong printer puts your business at risk for data theft? (Don’t tell Mom; she’ll just worry). Fortunately, Xerox multifunction printers with ConnectKey technology help protect your business by automatically encrypting transmitted files, wiping your printers’ hard drives of sensitive information, and enabling password and PIN code protection to ensure secure printing.

Start implementing these tips now, and by Mother’s Day, you’ll be able to tell Mom everything you’re doing. She’ll be proud—and she’s sure to have some more suggestions for you.


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