5 Tools That Build Customer Loyalty

You’ve built a brand or established a service. You’ve landed some customers and maybe even generated some social media buzz. But in a landscape littered with startups of all stripes, it is necessary to maintain consistent connection with your customers in order to stand out from the crowd.

Customer loyalty is not to be underestimated. No matter how flawless your product, its value will be lost without ongoing and effective customer engagement. Don’t lose the trust of your customers at the moment when it matters most. There are a plethora of simple and effective tools that can be integrated into your existing platforms to streamline communications, make customers feel heard, and address issues in the moment around the clock.

To get there and boost your customer loyalty, here are five tools you might want to consider.

  1. Nuvi
    It’s no secret that maintaining a consistent social media presence is the key to visibility for your brand.

    You’ve probably put some thought into how you present your product with scroll-stopping graphics and eye-catching captions. But just as important as consistency is tracking data from your posts, pages and tweets so you can improve your image and outreach across the board.

    While there are various ways to track this data, Nuvi has a huge advantage in that it allows you to schedule posts across platforms and also tracks user data, creating beautifully designed, easy to read graphs that can make a world of difference in your social media strategy. Being responsive to in-the-feed data can make a huge difference in user-engagement and follow through, leading to name recognition and increasing revenue.
  1. LiveAgent
    Roughly 70 percent of customers prefer seeking answers on their own before connecting with customer service. This means that your product needs to have user-friendly, SEO-optimized online resources.

    LiveAgent makes it easy to build an online support portal for 24/7 customer service. But for those customers who will need to seek support, it leaves no stone unturned. Automated chat software that instantly connects your customers to service agents, unlimited internal and external voice calls, and integrated tracking ensure watertight service and quality control.

    Arguably one of the best help desk software solutions on the market, LiveAgent’s user-friendly interface allows customers to engage in whatever medium they feel most comfortable (voice call and live chat, just to name a couple) and makes sure that no query goes unanswered. On the back end, their software helps centralize communications, prioritize calls and seamlessly transforms customer communications into tickets that get assigned to available agents.

    The platform is entirely customizable, so it can be adapted to suit your company’s needs and is scalable based on the size of your operation and the number of agents on call.
  2. PipeDrive
    Offering service informed by individual history and preferences makes you stand out from the crowd. Customers are much more likely to return if they feel valued in their interactions with your company.

    But how on earth can you tailor each customer interaction to the individual? The key is tracking customer interactions in an easily accessible format that consolidates information for all of your employees. An effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software such as Pipedrive centralizes this information and makes repeat customers feel valued.

    According to LinkedIn, 68 percent of customers leave a product or service because they believe the company doesn’t care about them. Avoid attrition to your competitors by being ahead of the game. Give your repeat customers the personalized attention they’ve earned.PipeDrive certainly has competition in the CRM space, but it stands out for its clean interface and its competition-beating list of integrations with other online services.

  3. Woobox
    Speaking of repeat customers, wouldn’t it be great if you could reward customer loyalty while simultaneously increasing engagement and tracking data?

    Thankfully, there’s an app for that. It is called Woobox.

    Woobox helps you seamlessly create giveaways and promotional discounts in exchange for poll responses. Using this tool, you can increase interest and engagement while simultaneously gathering feedback about your product. What’s more, it integrates with your social media platforms, driving engagement overall.
  4. GetResponse
    You have a 90-minute window of time to convert an interested site visitor into a paying customer, according to research by SeeWhy. Avoid losing contact with a potential client with GetResponse software, which helps your business convert fast instead of allowing customer interest to drain away slowly.

    GetResponse generates an immediate follow-up email to visitors to your site who sign up or buy something on your site. It also enables you to promote your products better through targeted email marketing and customized user experience on your landing pages through their data tracking and marketing expertise.

    GetResponse allows you to tailor marketing campaigns based on user data as well as trends within your specific industry, leading to the ultimate customization.

Building trust with customers doesn’t have to be a source of stress. Maintaining a consistent presence and building name recognition now come hand in hand with data tracking and user engagement. Investing in these tools will improve your customer support and customer loyalty in the long-term and will be continual drivers of revenue, supporting the growth of your business.


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