How Web Capture Service Offers a Better, Faster Way to Scan

By |Feb 19, 2018|

As more and more businesses move to digitize their documents, app technology and scanning technology have evolved to meet the demand. Web Capture Service from Xerox marries app and scanning technology to streamline the process and afford businesses the same level of ease and convenience they’ve come to expect from all of their device interactions.

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    Working on the Road – 3 Ways to Increase Productivity and Enhance Collaboration

Working on the Road – 3 Ways to Increase Productivity and Enhance Collaboration

By |Feb 1, 2018|

Inefficient workflows when working on the road can hinder productivity. Having a reliable process in place when you travel allows you to complete tasks in a timely manner and still collaborate with employees back at the office.

5 Ways to Get Employees to Embrace New Technology

By |Jan 18, 2018|

New technology can save your small business time and money— but only if your employees actually use it. Here’s how to involve your employees in your new technology plan so you can speed up adoption and boost your business in more ways than one.

Your Printers Matter More Than You Think

By |Dec 4, 2017|

MFPs nowadays are more like powerful computers. They support small and midsize businesses as they work to improve customer experience, boost productivity, and increase efficiency and security with digital workflows.

How to Make Your Office More Productive by Going Remote

By |Nov 13, 2017|

Telecommuting can limit absences, increase productivity, and even help your business save money. Enabling a remote workforce for your business isn’t as complicated as it sounds. It simply requires the right mix of technological tools and basic communications skills.