The London Coffee House Lives!

by Shell Haffner, Desktop Products Marketing Manager
Xerox Office and Solutions Business Group

In June, I shared author Steven Johnson’s TED talk, “Where good ideas come from”.

I thoroughly enjoyed his talk as well as his book, “The Invention of Air” where Mr. Johnson goes into more detail about ideas and their impact by telling the story of Joseph Priestley. It’s a fascinating read, I highly recommend it.

In the spirit of sharing ideas, Xerox will be hosting an “Ask the Experts” series on Google+. On Nov 29th my colleague and good friend Robin Wessel will be joined by @SmallBizLady herself, Melinda Emerson to answer questions from small business owners and employees just like you. You can submit questions to @XeroxOffice for Robin and Melinda to read and discuss during the session.

There are multiple ways you can watch it LIVE:

1. Add “Xerox Office” to your Google circles and watch the episode right on our page,
2. Subscribe to Xerox’s YouTube channel and watch it live there,
3. Watch it onXerox’s Small Business Website, and
4. See it on Melinda Emerson’s website.

Lastly, if there is someone you think would benefit from this session, please forward this along to them.

RSVP for the event and find further details.

See you there!

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