Todd Smith, Entry Products Business Group, Xerox


WearableTechThe Chicago Tribune explores wearable technology in this column titled, “Looking ahead to wearable tech in the workplace.” Wearable technology is unique and can increase workplace flexibility – changing the way people do business. It can help professionals get their work done anywhere at any time.

As stated in the article, workplace flexibility makes for happier workers and happier workers are more productive and perform better. Yes – wearable technology, BYOD and CYOD have the ability to empower employees, but it can become challenging for IT professionals to manage all of the devices on their network, seamlessly and securely.

Many companies are trying to navigate their current mobile and BYOD device strategy and the thought of bringing in another technology to oversee can be daunting.

So, are you concerned with wearable technology making its way into the workplace, and have you started to develop a plan and policy for managing and securing your company’s data? Are there best practices that can be learned from current BYOD policies?