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    How to Keep Your IT Staff Out of the Printer-Repair Business

How to Keep Your IT Staff Out of the Printer-Repair Business

By |Apr 29, 2016|

One thing IT people shouldn’t have to deal with is printer repair or maintenance. But they probably are; in fact, statistics suggest that up to 50 percent of internal help desk calls in some organizations are printer-related. Find out how managed print services can help lighten IT’s workload.

Increasing Productivity At Work

By |Jun 26, 2014|

By Robert Ropars, Harland Clarke Digital

We live in the digital age where everything is moving faster and faster. Our workloads are increasing while our time is

To Raise or Not to Raise? The Pricing Conundrum.

By |Jun 13, 2014|

It’s a question as old commerce: When to raise one’s prices?

For large businesses that can afford to absorb occasional cost increases imposed by their suppliers, the

7 Tips for a Worry-free Summer Vacation!

By |Jun 3, 2014|

It’s likely there’s no such thing as a worry-free summer vacation (or any vacation, for that matter). But you’re reading this because the headline grabbed your

Making customer loyalty stick: why resellers need to rethink customer engagement

By |Jun 2, 2014|

Julian Patel, General Manager, Supplies, Xerox European Reseller and Supplies Group 

Customers, that’s you and me, are increasingly savvy, price-driven and informed. Essentially, brands have to work