Todd Smith, Entry Products Business Group, Xerox

Technology is shaping and evolving every business, and lately it seems like there is an abundance of new technology to help business tasks and processes. Specifically, technology is aiding businesses in becoming more productive and mobile, which changes the way they communicate with customers and automate business processes to increase workplace efficiencies. From cloud computing and software-as-a-service to BYOD and the internet of things, new terms are making their way into our everyday business language. With the wealth of technology available, it raises the question of which technology should companies invest in, and which should they skip over.

Recently, WFMZ-TV interviewed Gene Marks to get a sense of the business technology trends that could potentially change business and should be on the radar of all IT professionals. We also heard Gene’s opinion on technology at our SMB Dreaming Discussion, an event in Philadelphia that brought together SMB owners, decision makers and IT professionals to talk about the opportunities and pain points in today’s constantly changing workplace. Insights regarding business technology from Gene and the participants can be found here.

In your opinion, what technology will impact business the most? Is your company already changing because of technology investments? Are there other technology trends that IT professionals should be aware of?