7 Tips for a Worry-free Summer Vacation!

LandingPageIt’s likely there’s no such thing as a worry-free summer vacation (or any vacation, for that matter). But you’re reading this because the headline grabbed your attention.

As office workers far and wide gear-up for a little fun in the sun and work-free relaxation, many of us will unfortunately have difficulty realizing the second part.

For digital marketers, much of our effort is focused on enticing would-be customers to become actual customers. Through various communication vehicles, such as email, postings on social media sites, tweets, vines, YouTube clips, and others, we hope to convince the folks who view our content to perform a series of actions (the fewer the better) that either yields a sale, or at least provides important information that will make it easier to earn their business later.

And whether you make an immediate sale or only collect information, your business probably does both via its website landing page, which, unlike you, never takes a vacation.

So one way to help break free from the mental shackles that perpetually tie many of us to the workplace is to ensure your landing page is written properly—which means it’s written to turn visitors into converts.

In the Social Media Today article, “7 Ways to Improve Copywriting on Your Landing Page,” the author provides a laundry list of landing-page considerations that should be expertly addressed in order to increase the rate at which your company’s acquiring conversions.

From the piece: “Written well, landing pages can increase leads, spread the reach of your brand and engage your happy customers. But it takes a lot of online marketing smarts – and a love of words – to reach that sweet spot of conversion success.”

The seven tips provided by the author range from the obvious (“Know your Customer”) to the less-often considered (“Don’t Ask Too Much Too Soon”). She also calls-out the need for consistently compelling headlines capable of capturing a reader’s attention in less than five seconds.

But even if you believe your website’s landing page already reflects the article’s tips, it never hurts to stay fresh. I encourage you to do so by reading the piece in its entirety.

As always, thanks for reading.

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