Let this sink in for a moment: there are now more mobile devices in the world than there are people1. Across all languages and continents, the ability to use mobile technology to connect remotely empowers and enables us.

  • School children around the globe can learn from one other through interactive classrooms.
  • Colleagues can collaborate on projects across multiple time zones.
  • Families are able to bridge the geographical divide to share laughter at the end of the day.

Yet despite this connectivity – and despite the overwhelming abundance of gadgets – somehow connecting can still be challenging.

Work Is No Longer a Place

This is especially true for remote workers, that intrepid group who doesn’t just use their phone for texting or their tablet for streaming Netflix. No; these are the people who rely on mobile devices and digital connectivity to get the job done (and in many cases, to keep our world turning). They play an influential role in determining the direction in which much of our technology will advance and what we’re hearing is that they need more than just basic connectivity. They need to be able to recreate a full desktop experience, any time, in any place, and that includes turning digital documents into printed ones and vice versa.

The Challenge

Although we’ve adapted to these changes in the way we connect and the way we work in record time, this is still a very new world, with plenty of gaps to fill. It’s essential to know where yours are, and to find solutions that will help you overcome them. When you’re able to create seamless, hassle-free processes for your mobile workers, you’re empowering them to boost their productivity and increase their outputs. You’re also eradicating the headaches and hurdles that can turn working remotely from freeing to frustrating.

So where do you begin?

  • Push button simplicity. Workflows need to be reduced to the smallest number of steps for maximum efficiency. Mobility means nothing if there are breakdowns in flow and collaboration because your process is too hard.
  • Smarter document management. For remote workers that means technology that seamlessly integrates with the mobile devices and the cloud apps they rely on to get their work done.
  • Freedom to work the way they need to. Mobile workers need to complete the same tasks as they’re desk-dwelling peers, from filling out forms to getting contracts signed. Their success hinges on an environment that supports both mobility and collaboration. Which leads us to…
  • Remote team collaboration. One-third of business processes are still document driven. Remote workers still need access to those files, and they need it quickly.

The Solution

When printing and scanning are necessary parts of the job for your mobile team, you want those tasks to be fast, intuitive, and push-button simple. The key is managing your workflows in a way that makes your documents work best for your team’s unique needs. Through customized apps on the smart MFP front panel or cloud-connected mobile print options that let you print from anywhere, Xerox can help. Our new e-book “Document Management for Road Warriors: How to move information when your team lives on the go” is a comprehensive guide to everything your mobile workers need for optimum workflow. In it you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the technology needs of your mobile workers
  • Understand what it takes to manage documents on the go
  • Create a mobile environment where workflows are seamless
  • Easily flow information outside of the office, demonstrated in two mobile work scenarios

get ebook photo road warriors

Seamless remote workflows mean increased productivity, better collaboration, and (much) happier workers. If that isn’t enough to convince you, IDC estimates that the overall cost of broken document processes is at least 10 times the direct out-of-pocket costs for a company in terms of fines, lost customers, lost employees, PR crises, and data breaches2.

Don’t be part of that statistic. Get started today and make your workflows work for you.

1. According to the The Cisco® Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update
2. International Data Corporation, June 2012

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