Part III Security: Tips for Protecting Smart Printers from Today’s Security Threats

Consider your business’ most powerful assets and the humble printer might not make the list. That would be a mistake. Since the late 1990’s, printers have been on a long evolutionary journey to become what we now recognize as the Smart MFP (multifunction printer). The capabilities of today’s modern MFP are designed to enable productivity and automation in the workplace. For example, today’s smart MFP not only copies, users can edit electronic documents, and even translate them into a host of languages before ever putting toner to paper. Specific data contained within a document can be extracted for use without the need to re-enter data – customer invoices, for example. They’re even smart enough to automatically re-order more toner when supplies are running low.

While all these new features provide ample opportunity to save you time and boost your productivity, it also means they are more powerful and more connected than ever before, a state which brings risk as well as opportunity.

Cyberattacks are gaining attention in the press recently for good reason. Once thought of as a problem for only the largest players, data security has now become a major concern for businesses of all sizes. Cybersecurity firm Symantec reports that cyber thieves have been increasingly targeting small businesses over the last four years, with 43% of all attacks in 2015 targeting businesses with fewer than 250 employees.1 So what can you do to be sure your business is safe?

The first step to ensure you limit your risk by ensuring your devices are integrated and managed as part of your IT infrastructure.

Simple Steps beyond Integration

As soon as you have ensured that your print devices are integrated and managed as part of your IT infrastructure, here are simple steps to take.

In a recent survey conducted by Coleman Parkes Research and commissioned by Xerox, 56% of companies include MFPs within the security strategies, meaning that an alarming 46% do not. Which percentage does your business fall under?

If you are just starting out, there are a few simple things to consider to help ensure that your Smart MFP is helping you build your business, not compromising it:

Network Security

Proper network security ensures that your device is protected from unauthorized remote access. This also protects confidential data from being transmitted via the network, and blocks public access to employee-only services.

Device Access

The ability to grant access to only a predetermined set of authorized users limits access to your data, and helps you better manage your device. Knowing who is using your device and when can be critical to protecting your data.

Data security

Keep personal and confidential information safe as it passes to and from, and through the device, helping you not only protect your data, but also help you maintain compliance with applicable industry or government regulations.

Document Security

Safeguard hardcopy and electronic documents by ensuring they are received and viewed only by the intended recipient.

Xerox MFPs enabled with ConnectKey® Technology make it easier to enact each of these steps – allowing you to sleep easier at night. With ConnectKey® Technology you’ll be able to put the same time tested methods you use to protect your PCs to work on your MFP and printers. With ConnectKey, Xerox is the first company in the industry to offer McAfee whitelisting technology for multifunction printers, helping you detect unauthorized access and tampering, and giving you a single point of reference for monitoring, alerts and reporting. From HD hard drive encryption to secure print and email connectivity, ConnectKey® Technology offers a host of ways to protect your critical business information.

With options so comprehensive and user friendly, now is the time to protect your business from the growing threat of a cyberattack. After all, if you’re not watching your information, who is?

To learn more about how ConnectKey® Technology from Xerox can help you protect your critical information, visit


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