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9 Tech Trends Every Business Owner Needs to Know About

By |Jan 29, 2018|

With a new year comes new trends, making this the perfect time for small business owners and operators to contemplate the future of information technology and how they’ll apply to grow their business this year.

How to Know When it’s Time to Replace Your Printer

By |Jan 8, 2018|

There are simple ways to cut your printing costs that don’t require you to do less printing. Most of them are unexpected and yet right under your nose. The newest devices from Xerox also have additional features that target security and sustainability, and which can go a long way toward future proofing your investment.

Why Every Business Needs to Have a Digital Disaster Plan

By |Aug 17, 2017|

Between 40 and 60% of small businesses never reopen after a disaster strikes. But protecting your employees, customers, equipment and location is just part of the equation. A digital disaster plan for protecting your business’s key information and systems is equally important.

7 Simple Security Features to Look for in Your Next Printer

By |Jun 26, 2017|

In order to protect against security risks, you have to know where to find them. What’s more, you need a plan that is affordable, reliable, and easy to execute. One surprisingly easy place to start securing your data is your printer.

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    3 Easy Ways to Make Your Information More Secure with Xerox ConnectKey Technology

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Information More Secure with Xerox ConnectKey Technology

By |May 25, 2017|

Less than 1/4 of small businesses perceive cybercrime as a threat. Those that do appreciate the importance of securing their data don’t know where to begin – or look for leaks in all the wrong places. ConnectKey Technology provides easy, out of the box protection against your three biggest threats.