Productivity Packs Enable Digital Transformation for SMBs in 2017

With so much hype around digital transformation, small to medium sized businesses must be offered more tangible ways to achieve it. We all know the benefits that digitizing paper processes can bring – from freeing up resource for more skilled work, to driving significant cost savings – but in reality, shouldn’t it be easier for you to put into practice?

Here at Xerox, we know we need to do more to help. In fact, a recent survey by Xerox revealed that more than 80% of SMBs across Europe and the U.S. want to cut paper out of the way they invoice, report financials, manage legal and human resource forms and handle other time consuming processes.

We also know that time is of the essence as our research, comprised of more than 1,000 companies across the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany, highlighted that SMBs are committed to making this change within the next 12 months, making it a key priority for 2017.

So what’s the solution?

Put simply, it needs to become much more straightforward for you to increase productivity without increasing the size of your workforce or breaking the bank on expensive tools.

There also needs to be a wider variety of options available, and more information on how these tools can really help. With digitization riding high on the priorities list for many SMBs in the next year, our research revealed that only 1 in 5 SMBs are aware of existing paper-free solutions in the market. And when it comes to requesting guidance in digitizing paper processes, 47% of SMBs will go to an office equipment dealer, 25% will look to their IT reseller and 37% turn to the product manufacturer.

That’s why on 22nd November we are launching Xerox’s new Productivity Packs for ConnectKey i-series multi-function printers,a new tool available via our channel partners which is designed to make digitization a more attainable reality for our SMB customers. It’s easy to use and most importantly, can be tailored towards your specific industry to help you achieve your digital transformation goals.

How do they work?

Xerox’s Productivity Packs are a selection of intelligent applications which can be tailored towards vertical sectors including education, healthcare, finance and general office. Nearly half (46%) of SMBs told us that a significant amount of time is wasted on paper-intensive processes and our new workflow apps enable you to create a digital workflow more quickly and efficiently.

These apps have been designed specifically for SMBs, and will integrate into your broader digitization strategy. For example, you can use the app to reduce valuable time spent on laborious paper-based processes and transform them into an automated digital workflow. This is critical when you consider that two thirds of SMBs told us that they are confident that improving their document workflow processes could generate an improvement to their bottom line.

Where are they available?

Xerox’s Productivity Packs are exclusively available in Europe from 22nd November, and will be available in the U.S. and Canada in Q1 2017.

The Productivity Packs are being launched as part of a broader offering from Xerox which is available wholly via our channel partners and has SMBs in mind. This includes Xerox’s new Web Capture Service which is available in the U.S. from Q4, and to all partners in the U.S., Europe and Canada as of Q1 2017. Web Capture is another useful digitization tool which has been designed to streamline the process of importing hard copies of purchase orders, invoices or other important administrative documents into applications such as QuickBooks or Office 365.

Ready to set your digitization goals for 2017?

Armed with these tools, we hope it’s easier for SMBs to realize that digital transformation is not just a buzzword, a pipe dream, or even a New Year’s Resolution that you will find it difficult to keep. Instead, our new tools aim to demonstrate that digital transformation is a process which is necessary, productive and most of all, achievable.

With 2017 around the corner, why not set the goal now to explore how your company can digitize its paper-based processes?

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