How To Work Smarter with the Power of Voice Recognition Technology

Driven by their mission to continually improve their scan to salesforce app, and to continue creating apps that improve the customer experience, the team at Vision-e has employed Voice Recognition Technology in the creation of their most recent solution.

From its initial introduction, Vision-e appreciated the incredible potential of voice recognition technology and has sought ways to use it in improving the customer experience. That opportunity took a familiar shape – the Alexa echo from Amazon.

Here’s what you need to know about the success they’re having with this new solution, and how you can use it to grow your business and make your employees more productive.

An App for MFPs

Artificial Intelligence is the future of technology. Vision-e believes voice recognition could improve business processes and boost office productivity. Their vision is to help businesses streamline their print and copy needs such as producing copies, scanning documents to email, scanning to cloud repositories, checking supply inventories, ordering supplies, troubleshooting the printer and more.

While speed, productivity, and flexibility are the top priorities, they also have secondary goals. VR technology is an excellent way to assist customers with learning disabilities, poor or limited motor skills and vision impairments. The roadmap for the  Vision-e Voice solution includes helping small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 which requires federal agencies to provide software and website accessibility to people with disabilities, which can mean making them compatible with assistive technology, such as screen readers.

Any walkup user with a visual impairment will be able to address the Vision-e Voice solution for copying and scanning, eliminating the need to utilize the user interface.  The same is true for people who use wheelchairs. They can give voice commands without the need to access the user interface, or they can place a special keyboard at desk level.  Lastly, anyone with a learning impairment may find voice commands easier to use than interacting with the interface.

How it Works

Vision-e Voice is a solution which streamlines business processes by allowing organizations to use voice recognition technology for a range of processes, from printing and scanning to monitoring their printer fleet. The solution will soon enable features to scan to cloud repositories, such as Dropbox with simple verbal commands. Vision-e Voice solution’s patent-pending hardware and software also enables monitoring of the device from a web-interface.

There was a time when using voice commands for everyday tasks was reserved only for imagination – or maybe an episode of the Jetsons. But with this new solution, you and your employees can walk up to the MFP and ask questions like, “Do I have enough toner to run my printer? Do I have enough paper?” and receive an accurate response. You can access detailed information about your fleet and its supplies without digging for the information. Simply ask the machine.

This new solution ensures a steady stream of supplies, preventing workflow interruptions that slow down productivity. And, because the app is stored in the cloud, as Vision-e continues to add additional features and capabilities, they will be automatically pushed, so you’ll always have the latest technology right at your fingertips – or your voice command. The solution is easily installed allowing for same-day use of the technology.

Success Stories

A SMB in Philadelphia, PA has seamlessly integrated the solution to enable walkup users, who are not familiar with the technology, access to the device.

At the moment, the most popular use is to walk up to the device and enable copying without having to touch the screen. Scan to email makes up 65% of scanning use on MFPS, so Vision-e will soon integrate the solution with a scanning command such as “Xerox, scan to my email.”

The excitement about this new technology is taking hold across all verticals. Vision-e is also testing this solution with a school district who has implemented Xerox into their accounting system. They’ve also recently sold this solution to Image Source, a Xerox Partner who is employing it for one of their customers.

Your Opportunity

With the continually developing possibilities of voice recognition technology, you can improve the way you do business, enabling growth at the same time. Take your first steps into the future of office technology by contacting Vision-e to learn more about the Vision-e Voice solution today.

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