The Power of Saying Thank You

‘Tis the season of giving thanks, so there no better time of the year to thank your employees for their support and hard work. Here are a dozen ideas for ways to reward your team.

  1. Feed them.
    Everyone loves to eat, so why not hold a special luncheon for your employees? Or just keep it simple by bringing in pizza on Friday afternoons or baked goods Monday morning.
  2. Praise in public.
    Don’t reserve praise for behind closed doors at annual evaluation time. Make it a habit to praise your people as often as you can—and always do it in front of the team.
  3. Put it in writing.
    Emails come and go, but a handwritten note is forever. Give your employees a thank-you they’ll treasure using these customizable greeting card templates. Print out thank-you cards, congratulatory cards, employee appreciation cards and more—using a Xerox color printer makes them look professional.
  4. Play together.
    All work and no play is no way to thank your employees. Get employee input and plan a special event like a beach barbecue, bowling tournament or paintball competition
  5. Give little gifts.
    Small treats like movie tickets or Starbucks gift cards are inexpensive ways to thank your employees on the spur of the moment. Keep a supply handy in your office.
  6. Keep score.
    Make a game out of employee appreciation by giving out recognition coupons that employees can collect and redeem for prizes.
  7. Make them internet famous.
    Choose an employee of the month and feature their photo and story on your company website. Explain what makes them such a great worker and why they earned the title this month. This not only makes employees feel good, but also makes your business look good by showing prospects what great workers you have.
  8. Give the gift of time (off).
    Has an employee or team put in grueling hours on a long project? Reward them with a day or afternoon off with pay.
  9. Present an award.
    Buy an office trophy, silly hat or toy that gets passed around to recognize the Employee of the Week. Or give out personalized award certificates. Use these certificate templates to recognize employees for a positive attitude, innovative ideas, hard work or simply being a great teammate. Just print them on your Xerox color printer and they’re ready for framing.
  10. Give a gift to a charity they support.
    Is there a cause that’s close to an employee’s heart? Make a donation in their name.
  11. Relax them.
    Bring in a masseuse to give your staff 15-minute neck and shoulder rubs. If your employees sit at computers all day, they’ll really appreciate this thank-you gesture.
  12. Give them a sign.
    Celebrating an employee’s work anniversary, birthday or other significant date makes them feel special. Let everyone in the office know about the big day with a colorful banner in the person’s workspace. No need to special-order a plastic banner: Xerox has banner templates you can use to create banners right from your Xerox printer. The banners print out in 4 pieces you can join together, so you can make any day a “banner day.”

Don’t limit gratitude to a particular season. Use these tips to show your employees appreciation all year long.

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    It’s really an awesome post. I loved reading it. Thanks for sharing.

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