Inspirations, Happy Places and Paper Clips

Behold the Paper Clip

In the age of the yet-to-come paperless office, we may use this humble tool less, but it is by no means obsolete. This observation has not been lost on some of our Project: SET THE PAGE FREE authors. Former U.S. poet laureate Billy Collins praised the paper clip and its rubber band cohort thusly:

“But stay, oh paperclip
and stay, oh rubber band
still keepers of order, logic, and sense”

The Inspired Book Cover

Award-winning graphic designer Chip Kidd talks about finding inspiration for the more than 2,000 book covers he has created over the years. See how the iconic paperclip, combined with state of the art scanning technology from Xerox, became the design for his latest book cover for our project.

Roofs, Floors, Windows and Inspiration

Internationally acclaimed author Valeria Luiselli shares how every good book needs a roof, floor, doors and stairs. She takes you through her dream workspace, where bookshelves defy gravity, and she can print as she writes. Valeria explains how the elements of her home – her work space – combine to make an important relationship to a good story.

The Happy Place in Her Life

Joyce Carol Oates is a best-selling author AND a professor at Princeton University. For her, the classroom is a happy space because the phone won’t ring nor does she have to think about anything other than teaching.  Listen to Joyce talk about her double life as professor and writer, how ideas can come as fast as running, and the inspiration for “A Happy Place,” one of the chapters that you’ll find between the covers of our book.

A Life-Changing Story

“Sometimes you think you wrote just a small piece, but the piece is huge because it’s among other pieces of great literature,” novelist Alain Mabanckou noted in this podcast. Alain contributed The Miraculous Hand to our book. He wrote about how people try to work together, do whatever it takes, in order to make the people around them better. “Maybe,” he noted, “you can read a story that can change your life.”

“An Awesome Everything”

Jonathan Safran Foer, author of “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.”

In this excerpt from Jonathan Safran Foer’s chapter, Cargo Plane,  he is transported when   given  everything that that ever existed in his e-life.

A stack of about 200 CD-ROMs contained “… every screen I’d ever looked at: Google searches, Amazon purchases, Ebay browsing, e-mails-in-progress, thousands of front pages of the New York Times … If that had been everything, it would have been an awesome everything.”

The FREE E-Book

The New York Times wrote about Project: SET THE PAGE FREE this morning. The article discussed the book, Speaking of Work: A Story of Love, Suspense and Paper Clips, and interviewed a few of the authors who contributed chapters to this collaborative project.

Our website for Project: SET THE PAGE FREE contains excerpts from these remarkable writers, as well videos and podcasts that feature their workplaces. Please click the “Get Your Free Book” button on our website for a free copy, and we’ll send you real time updates on the project. You don’t want to miss a thing.

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