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Technology Trends That Could Change Business

Apr 16, 2014|Technology|

Todd Smith, Entry Products Business Group, Xerox

Technology is shaping and evolving every business, and lately it seems like there is an abundance of new technology

Where Are Companies Spending Their IT Dollars This Year?

Apr 4, 2014|Small Business Tips|

David Bates, Vice President, Marketing and eCommerce, U.S. Solution Providers, Xerox

Every year marks a fresh start of new business goals and expectations. Now that 2014

Marketing Automation Software Poised for Widespread Small-business Adoption

Apr 3, 2014|Small Business Tips|

With an ever-increasing abundance of online marketing channels, it’s easy to understand why today’s marketers might feel overwhelmed in their pursuit of comprehensive communications strategies that

Wearable Technology in the Workplace

Mar 28, 2014|Mobile, Technology|

Todd Smith, Entry Products Business Group, Xerox


The Chicago Tribune explores wearable technology in this column titled, “Looking ahead to wearable tech in the workplace.” Wearable technology is


Mar 26, 2014|Color, General Information|

A recent review featured on PCMAG.COM awarded the Xerox Phaser 6500/DN with the publication’s “Editors’ Choice” designation, and gave the device an “Excellent” rating.

The reviewer, M.