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Productivity up and Paper down in 2016

Feb 2, 2016|Document Management|

The push to paperless in the office is unrelenting. Not purely because companies wish to become more sustainable, but many organizations understand that the increase in productivity by removing paper can have a significant impact on profitability. I believe in 2016 we will take another significant step towards eliminating paper with a vast increase in the use of document authorization via e-signatures.

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    Can a Better MFP Really Help You Grow Your Business? Count On It.

Can a Better MFP Really Help You Grow Your Business? Count On It.

Jan 26, 2016|Technology|

The WorkCentre 4265 and WorkCentre 3615 from Xerox have both received the distinction of being highly recommended by BLI as “highly reliable”. So what makes these multifunction printers such work horses? In addition to their reputation for reliability, they’re incredibly versatile.

6 Business Technology Trends of 2016

Jan 21, 2016|Small Business Tips|

From big data and smarter design to futuristic 3D printing, there are many impressive technology trends that are hitting the market and forcing businesses to pay attention or get lost in the shuffle. Here are several ways companies need to adjust their practices, policies and software due to top tech trends in 2016.

4 Strategies to Beat SMB Growth Roadblocks

Jan 19, 2016|Small Business Tips, SMB Growth|

In order to overcome the obstacles before them, entrepreneurs must pay attention to the day-to-day aspects of running a business, while keeping an eye on the big picture. Here are 4 key ways to get past the challenges and onto the growth with your company.

The Path of an Invoice

Jan 13, 2016|Document Management, Infographics|

When you stop to consider all of the steps in an document’s journey from creation to archiving, you can see many opportunities for delays and errors to creep in. Simple things like scanning paper documentation into invoice workflows can prevent this from happening. See our infographic to learn more about the benefits of paperless for all kinds of workflows in your organization.