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IoT Technology Revolutionizes the Office Grind

May 21, 2015|Document Management, Mobile|

Document management is an area hurting for greater efficiency. Xerox is leveraging the IoT to develop mobile applications that interface with office printers, allowing users to scan, email, fax, and print documents directly from a smartphone or tablet. Documents can also be signed electronically, saved, and uploaded to cloud storage (Dropbox, Box, Office365, OneDrive for Business etc.). The Xerox Mobile Link App has a high degree of customization, creating icons on the home screen so that users can repeat desired workflows with one touch.

Indistinguishable from Magic: The Mobile App Revolution

May 15, 2015|Mobile, Small Business Tips|

The cloud now allows us to interact directly with phones and information, and apps allow “Personal IT,” which is much less expensive, more efficient, and more customized to the user. Xerox has always gone out of its way to combine broad functionality and ease of use, and now all you need is a device and Wi-Fi.

Millennials and Technology in the Workplace: How to Establish Boundaries an...

May 7, 2015|Small Business Tips|

For the many who are quick to generalize millennials as entitled and lacking in the work ethic of their elders, it may be surprising to learn that millennials are actually more efficient, not less. Having grown up in the digital age, millennials are more comfortable with technology than the rest of us, because unlike us, technology has been woven into the lives from birth.

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    Xerox Office Technology Recognized by IDC and Buyer’s Laboratory

Xerox Office Technology Recognized by IDC and Buyer’s Laboratory

Apr 28, 2015|Technology|

Xerox office technology, software and apps continue to achieve industry recognition – most recently from IDC and Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI) – while customers realize the benefits of Managed

This Earth Day, Print with a Purpose

Apr 17, 2015|Saving Money, Solid Ink, Sustainability|

It seems like we’re often called to choose between the option that’s good for our planet, and the one that’s good for our bottom line. What if you could have both –and beautiful, high impact color prints to boot? You can, with Solid Ink from Xerox.