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The Convergence of SEO and Social Media

Aug 18, 2014|Small Business Tips|

By Teresa Stringham, Harland Clarke Digital

Google+® continues to struggle to make headway as a social network, with users spending less than 10 minutes per month using

The American International School in Bucharest: The First Paperless School

Aug 12, 2014|Customer Stories, Saving Money, Supplies and Paper, Sustainability|

Last year, the students of the American International School of Bucharest (AISB) conducted a service-learning project to reduce the volume of paper the school consumed and

Keys to Small-business Online Branding

Aug 8, 2014|Small Business Tips|

Mastering social media to help build a brand is hard, which is why the most successful corporations spend big bucks with agencies whose sole purpose is

Save Time and Money with the Right Business-contact Management App

Jul 30, 2014|Saving Money, Small Business Tips|

If you still find yourself spending considerable time sifting through paper-based business-contact repositories; or if you still rely solely on printed business cards for your own

Think Twice Before Buying Cheap Toner; There’s a Price to Pay

Jul 29, 2014|Small Business Tips, Supplies and Paper|

Fake toner cartridges can damage print devices and produce output that’s not up to your high standards. Here’s how to determine if you’re using genuine supplies.