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Xerox Discusses Printer Market Trends and Opportunities

Sep 29, 2014|Technology|

Xerox global marketing manager for office products, solutions, and competition, Siddhartha Bhattacharya, recently discussed with CRN eight different trends affecting the printers, copiers, and MFP market,

How to Optimize Lead Generation on LinkedIn

Sep 26, 2014|Small Business Tips|

It’s become quite clear that one of the most effective means by which to break through cold-calling resistance and generate more promising sales leads is through

Adapting to the Shifting Mobile Ad Landscape

Sep 23, 2014|Mobile, Small Business Tips|

Back in November of 2013, I discussed the importance of mobile advertising as part of a small business’ marketing strategy.

From the piece: “With the near ubiquity

Xerox Strengthens ConnectKey Platform – New Devices and Solutions Simplif...

Sep 9, 2014|Technology, Uncategorized|

With mobility, security, cloud access and productivity on the minds of today’s workforce, Xerox has introduced new functionalities, apps and products for its ConnectKey® 1.5 software and technology.

The latest enhancements

The Ins and Outs of Effective Invoicing

Sep 8, 2014|Small Business Tips|

It’s hard enough for small-business owners to establish themselves as preferred providers in the minds of their customers/clients. With so many challenges to overcome just to