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9 Tips to Fight the Summer Slump and Stay Productive

By |Jul 20, 2017|

How do you help your office avoid the distracting siren call of summer and keep productivity high? It is all about providing the right motivation and making the workday meaningful and fruitful – in season and out.

How Observing Nature Can Inspire Your Innovation

By |Jul 10, 2017|

Biomimicry is the idea that solutions can be found in nature. Nature has been the inspiration for some of the greatest innovations of our lifetime – and it is often the key to finding new ways to simplify and collaborate to improve the way we work and live.

How to Setup Scan to Email in 2017

By |Jun 8, 2017|

The scan to e-mail feature is the quickest and easiest way to share a printed page. Find out how to quickly and easily setup or troubleshoot scan to email on your device with this easy How-To guide.

7 Steps Toward Implementing A Breakthrough In Growth

By |May 1, 2017|

If you want success in selling your product, you need to put the same focus, intensity, and innovation into marketing and sales, as you have put into building the product. Here are the steps you need to pick up momentum and fuel your breakthrough.

8 Tips: Give your Business Brand a Boost with More Color

By |Mar 16, 2017|

Did you know that color helps consumers more easily recognize a brand? In fact, brand recognition can increase by 80 percent with the use of color.