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7 Steps Toward Implementing A Breakthrough In Growth

By |May 1, 2017|

If you want success in selling your product, you need to put the same focus, intensity, and innovation into marketing and sales, as you have put into building the product. Here are the steps you need to pick up momentum and fuel your breakthrough.

8 Tips: Give your Business Brand a Boost with More Color

By |Mar 16, 2017|

Did you know that color helps consumers more easily recognize a brand? In fact, brand recognition can increase by 80 percent with the use of color.

8 Ways Mobile Marketing Can Boost Traffic for Your Business

By |Mar 13, 2017|

Why is it so important to “think mobile”? Mobile searches in general are on the rise, and mobile searches for something “near me” are growing by 146 percent year-over-year, reports Google.

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    Don’t Ignore Your Existing Customers. Here are 7 Ways to Market to Them

Don’t Ignore Your Existing Customers. Here are 7 Ways to Market to Them

By |Mar 2, 2017|

By focusing on current customers, and working to upsell and retain them, you can boost your business as much as attracting new ones—at a much lower cost.

Scan to Email: Tips for Small and Mid-Size Businesses

By |Feb 20, 2017|

There are few things more satisfying than achieving big results from simple changes. Scanning is revolutionizing the way businesses operate, helping small and medium businesses (SMBs) boost productivity and efficiency in just a few simple steps.