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6 Benefits of Greening Your Business

Apr 19, 2018|ConnectKey, Digitization, Document Management, Small Business Tips, SMB Growth, Sustainability|

Environmentally friendly business practices can help save the planet. But did you know that they can also benefit your business? Here are six advantages of going green.

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    When It Comes to Coffee and Printer Supplies, Free Is Always Better

When It Comes to Coffee and Printer Supplies, Free Is Always Better

Apr 16, 2018|Saving Money, Small Business Tips, Supplies and Paper|

Xerox is taking its customer rewards experience to the next level with three different membership tiers that will help our loyal members accumulate reward points even faster. Find out how you can enhance your office environment, reward employees, and even add some entertainment into the office today.

6 Ways to Avoid Tech Burnout

Apr 12, 2018|productivity, Small Business Tips|

It feels like we are inundated with new technology almost daily, and while most of it brings numerous benefits, constantly learning and adapting can lead to tech burnout. Here’s how to avoid technology burnout and get back to enjoying its many benefits.

Workplace Assistants Changing How Work Gets Done

Apr 9, 2018|Awards, ConnectKey, printers, productivity, security, VersaLink|

Xerox ConnectKey-enabled devices are redefining the way work gets done and capturing the attention of industry influencers. Here’s what they had to say.

3 Steps to Painless Business Tax Prep

Apr 5, 2018|ConnectKey, Small Business Tips, Technology, VersaLink|

Ready or not, tax time is here! It may not be fun, but managed right, doing your business taxes can be painless (or at least less painful) with this simple three-step plan to ease the way.