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Xerox Indirect Channels Business Group

I’m going to date myself, but one of the first songs I learned on the guitar (other than the standard every young guitarist must learn – Stairway to Heaven) was Color My World by Chicago. The track has a very simple melody and laid back rhythm, but it’s a song that catches your attention and it’s hard to get that chorus out of your head once you’ve heard it. To this day, I can still play that song without any sheet music. I’ve learned a number of songs throughout my life but this one has stuck with me.

We’re always looking to learn something new – a new song, a new app or maybe you’re a small or start-up company looking for a new way to improve your business. We live in a colorful world and why not take advantage of color to help your business grow and get noticed. Melinda Emerson, a leading small business expert also known as the SmallBizLady, recently outlined  five ways color can improve a small business. From using color in a logo to creating a colorful flyer, use color in all your marketing materials and you will see a difference.

Melinda’s article also mentions a new color multifunction printer (MFP) we recently introduced, the ColorQube 8700. This MFP is big on features, great color output, and low on overall cost.  We also have a complete range of color printers and multifunction printers your office can use to get noticed. So take a look at Melinda’s recommendations and don’t be afraid to color your world.

Do you have additional ways to use color in your small business? Share them with us here!