Lisa Graham, Social Media Marketing and Communications
Xerox Indirect Channels Business Group

With the explosion of social media, some might think email marketing is on the way out. Not so fast! For many small businesses, email is still one of the most effective tools to help them stay in touch with their customers. Email marketing can help build and enhance customer relationships encouraging customer loyalty and repeat business.

Add the emergence of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets and you have more outlets than ever to reach new and existing customers. This is not just great news for small businesses, but for businesses of all sizes. However, with the use of mobile technology come a few challenges for you email marketers. In his recent Digital Spin blog post “On the Subject of Mobile”, Dave McCue, marketing manager for Harland Clark Digital, discusses the impact mobile devices can have on email subject lines.

Be sure to check out his recommendations at the end and share your own tips and advice for small business.