In “What is a Modern Marketer (Part One)” I shared a bit about my experience as an outside sales rep with an office-communications technology company that hadn’t yet learned what it meant to be a “modern marketer.”

One of the key points I made in that piece was the importance of content marketing as part of any small-business’ modern marketing strategy.

As a follow-up, I’d like to share this fantastic article courtesy of the Content Marketing Institute.

The writer shares several important insights gained from various firms’ studies into the role video plays as an integral component of content marketing activities for B2B marketers.

The gist: When produced and implemented properly, video as a marketing channel has proven itself as a tremendous vehicle for  qualified response generation.

At Xerox, we began developing video content for various social channels (primarily YouTube) several years ago. The Xerox corporate channel on YouTube features numerous videos produced to promote key areas of our multifaceted operation, and many of the videos have become extremely popular.

For those considering video as a marketing tool, the Content Marketing Institute article provides a very helpful breakdown of  what the writer believes to be the most important steps to consider before diving head first into the actual production of your video project.

I encourage you to read the article and the reports to which it links. I’m sure every small business looking to gain a content marketing advantage through digitally distributed video content will find the information incredibly useful.