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Can you imagine going an entire day without your mobile phone by your side? You’re probably more likely to forget your wallet or purse when leaving the house than your cell phone.  In fact, people check their phones up to 150 times a day.

Despite the important relationship you have with your smartphone, how much attention do you give to its security? Data breaches that can give criminals access to your personal data don’t just happen to other folks. They can happen to you, too.

If you use your smartphone or tablet for work, it’s understandable that you might assume your company’s overall IT security takes care of your mobile devices as well. In many cases, you may need to take extra steps to make sure you’re fully protected. Fortunately, it’s easier than you might think to take smartphone security matters into your own hands.

Lock-screen passwords are great but if you use the same password for your phone itself that you do for all of the apps and logins on your phone, you’re a hacker’s dream come true as they only have one code to crack. Using separate passwords for each of these things does a much better job of preventing your private information from getting into the wrong hands. If the wrong hands do get ahold of your phone, they will have less data to grab if you have taken advantage of proper cloud or secure server storage rather than storing data directly onto your phone.

You can also make your phone less detectable by the wrong people by turning off the GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you’re not actually using those features. Make sure that you are always using the latest version of a mobile antivirus software as well as keeping up with updates to your phone’s OS.

This infographic gives you an overview on just how vulnerable you can be to privacy and data loss via your smartphone—along with some additional tips on how to protect yourself. You’ll be pleased to see how simple it can be to guard your conversations, contacts, financial information and more.  To learn more about keeping your information safe whether you’re in the office or on the go with your smartphone, visit

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