6 Tips for Scoring New Customers at Business Meetings

The digital revolution has not only changed the way we live and work, it has also impacted the way that businesses market themselves. New trends emerge rapidly, and staying ahead of those changes can be daunting. Chasing those trends can also be expensive, and doesn’t always bring the rewards we seek. That’s why we’ve assembled this list to help small and medium businesses (SMBs) reach new customers and win new business with a simple medium accessible to everyone, at every budget: print.

Print technology is evolving at an equally rapid pace, but the learning curve here isn’t quite as steep. Here are six simple ways you can leverage print innovations to reach more customers and build new business.

1. Powerful presentations.

With proper execution and care, the color, quality and texture of your presentation materials can be just as powerful – and as memorable – as the content you are presenting. As they say, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. A visually compelling presentation full of brilliant color makes a strong statement about your commitment to quality and detail. Xerox recently launched two new easy to use printers designed for small office use, including the WorkCentre 6515. Rated “excellent” by PC Magazine, the WorkCentre 6515 is noted for its incredible color quality, enabling you to create vivid, powerful presentations right in your own office.

2. Quality Brochures.

Your printed pieces will stay with your customers long after your business meeting pitch has concluded. Versatile and budget friendly, brochures and other print collaterals are a highly effective way to interact with your customer base. But like a presentation, you only have one chance to get it right. Everything from the sharpness and visual interest of the images right down to the texture, paper and ink should be consistent with your brand, and with your other marketing efforts, online and offline. If this sounds overwhelming, take heart: Xerox and Staples recently teamed up to put DIY print kiosks in 3000 Staples stores nationwide, making it easier than ever for SMBs to print vivid, high quality brochures and other marketing materials simply and affordably.

The Top 10 Marketing Tools Used by Small Businesses: 2016 State of Small Business Report – Survey of 1,100 Small Businesses/Wasp Barcode Technologies

3. Business Cards.

Still a necessity across every vertical and for every worker from the CEO to the interns, a great business card will always make you stand out from the crowd. While there are a few trade secrets you should consider when designing your card, perhaps the most important factors aren’t what you’re doing right, but what you are probably doing wrong. No matter how clever or visually interesting your card may be, if the print quality is poor you have already lost credibility with your audience. This is another great opportunity to put the ease and convenience of the new DIY print kiosks at Staples to work for you. Unsure where to start? Take a look at these easy to use templates from Xerox, then find a great local printer who can handle the job for you. No muss. No fuss.

4. Contracts.

The best time to get that contract signed is always right now. When your customer is ready to move forward, you should be ready too. Don’t let paperwork snafus put your deal on the line. With Xerox Mobile Print you can have that contract available before the “yes” has stopped ringing in your ears. Xerox Mobile Print works with any device and any brand of printer, so you can take your business with you wherever you need to go – securely, and without a lot of complicated configurations. A six time award winner, Xerox Mobile Print is the wingman every salesperson needs. Take a look at this video to see just how easy printing on the go can be.

Xerox also makes it easy to track and organize your contracts and invoices with the Web Capture Service digitization tool, the only solution that automates and scans a document in just three simple steps for immediate use without creating files, renaming documents and importing them into an application. It can be used with any scanner regardless of brand and works with most web applications such as Microsoft Office 365, QuickBooks, Salesforce, SAP, Concur and many more, so you can take the convenience and efficiency of scanning to a whole new level.

5. Practical & Useful Leave-Behind Materials.

Every successful salesperson knows that the relationship doesn’t end when the deal closes. In order stay top-of-mind to secure future business – and that all important referral business – you must nurture the relationship beyond the close of the sale. Follow-up materials like thank you notes, branded calendars and direct mail pieces like incentives and special offers can help keep the lines of communication open, and leave the door open for new business. Make your own branded materials with these templates.

6. Quality Portfolios.

While a powerful presentation can leave a lasting mark on potential customers, many SMBs operate in fields where ideas aren’t enough. In industries like advertising, digital marketing visual, businesses with foundations in the arts, architecture, design and many others, a strong portfolio is crucial. A new fleet of small office printers and MFPs from Xerox enable you to print high quality materials in bold, vivid color right in your own office, so you can showcase your work in its best light. Help your customers visualize the project you’re pitching by preparing engaging storyboards and mock ups that are memorable and bring your project to life.

Whatever your product or purpose, the right print strategy coupled with high-end print quality can help you win new customers and build your business. Put these six tips to work for you today and unlock the power of print.

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