Since its initial launch, ConnectKey Technology® has completely changed the way small and mid-size businesses think about multifunction printers by bringing together convenience, productivity, security and cost control to help small and mid-size businesses work better.

ConnectKey Technology® is a combination of hardware, a common set of software solutions and apps that help simplify and improve the way the world works. The result is intelligent documents that are searchable, secure, connected and collaborative, with ConnectKey apps at the heart of it all.

Multifunction Printers: Workplace Assistants for Your Office

Think about your smartphone and you’ll understand what ConnectKey Technology® is all about. We all rely on our devices for far more than talking and texting. Our smartphones are how we handle banking tasks, take, store and share our photos and videos, connect with others on social media and manage our email on the go. Users rely on ConnectKey Technology® on MFPs to do so much more than print, scan and fax. With a ConnectKey Technology® enabled MFP, you unlock a world of potential that is greater today than ever before.

Xerox has expanded ConnectKey’s breadth of productivity enhancements with updates to its enormously popular Xerox App Gallery, giving you even more tools to help you simplify your workflows– all from your ConnectKey-enabled MFP.

More Devices Customized for your Industry

There are now more ConnectKey®-enabled devices to choose from including the recently launched Xerox VersaLink C400/C405 printers and the B400/B405 MFPs. Xerox has also added additional support for its entire ConnectKey® enabled fleet – for printers/MFPs, so you can rest easy knowing that your Xerox device will evolve with you into the future. The Xerox App Gallery is also more accessible by allowing end-users to browse the gallery without a login.

Increasingly Intelligent Apps

Apps are intended to make life easier. And using an app is easiest when it just works. These new updates to ConnectKey Technology® mean you don’t need to understand the intricate workings of the app in order to integrate it successfully with your machine. Users everywhere can download apps which automatically adjust “under-the-hood” to fit each MFP/printer’s capability and personality, meaning your downloaded app will match your machine’s screen size, scan capability (device or no device), the class and age of your machine, and fit capabilities such as alerts and messages that are unique to your region. All without any intervention from you.

Security is Paramount

A smarter machine is also a more secure machine. Encryption is unique to the Xerox App Gallery, which uses HTTPS to help you send secure messages, as well as authentication, and bidirectional encryption which is an added layer of security you can use when sharing encrypted messages between yourself and another party. Every app in the App Gallery is carefully vetted by Xerox to ensure it performs as expected and that it meets Xerox security standards.

Improved User Touch Screen for Simplified Tasks

Of course, all of these wonderful apps aren’t of much use without easy access. A complicated or overwhelming interface can be intimidating, and keep your employees from getting the most out of the machine. That’s why Xerox offers a state-of-the-art touch screen that is familiar and easy to use. It adds ‘gesture’ capabilities (think “pinch or slide”) as well as other options that make it very user friendly. That means little to no learning curve, and a machine that your staff can really get excited about using.

The interface’s ever-changing “carousel” also highlights new and popular apps so you will always be ahead of the curve, and all ConnectKey enabled printers/MFPs support 35 languages.

More is More

Not just for games and socialization anymore, apps are helping businesses across vertical industries simplify the way they work – and improve it. The newest apps from the Xerox ConnectKey App Gallery are opening up a whole new world of efficiency and opportunity, with never seen before apps that bring web browsing to your device, and print and scan from your Spark meeting rooms. They’ll also give you capabilities to store and share business cards, and provide powerful, secure document scanning. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is also now available on the app, making it easier than ever to unlock the power of your document.

Doctors, hospitals and other care providers will embrace the new Healthcare MFP app  (also known as the Share Patient app) which is improving healthcare outcomes by changing the way vital information is shared. Imagine being able to share patient information more quickly and securely, within HIPAA guidelines. Small and mid-size businesses across all industries can use the @PrintByXerox app which enables easy printing from your email while you’re traveling, meeting with clients, or working remotely. The @PrintByXerox app works with you, wherever you go.

ConnectKey Technology® makes it easier for businesses to get the job done by providing a complete ecosystem right out-of-the-box, that’s easy to use and ready to go to work for you. With these updates, and a new generation of ConnectKey Technology® enabled machines just around the corner, what will ConnectKey Technology® do for you?

Learn more about how ConnectKey® enabled printers and MFPs can help your business simplify its workflows and improve its day to day operations, contact a Xerox Channel Partner today.

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