What You Need to Know Before Committing to an MPS Contract

SMBs can significantly improve their productivity and save both time and money by digitizing paper-intensive processes and streamlining their document workflows.

When it comes to digitization, Managed Print Services (MPS) is the key. Xerox collaborated with independent market research firm Coleman Parkes to survey more than 1,000 companies in the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany about their challenges and opportunities. The survey found that 42% have MPS in place, while another 40% plan to adopt MPS within 12 months. More than print, the right MPS starts with device optimization to save costs and then leverages capabilities and automation for better document security and productivity – all customized for your business.

MPS contracts can represent a big investment, and there’s a lot to understand. That’s why we’ve assembled this list of “How To” blogs that cover a variety of MPS-related topics to help you understand and capture all the value Managed Print Services can offer.

  • The 3 Returns Every SMB Should Manage in Their Print Environment
    With their minds typically focused on big picture goals like revenue and growth objectives, it’s easy for perceived small budget items – like printing – to fall by the wayside. Few small and mid-sized business (SMB) owners realize that printing and document management represent approximately 15% of an SMB’s overall IT budget and accounts for at least 12% of their IT resources. That’s by no means a small portion, and it is one that could significantly impact the budget – for better or for worse. It may seem overwhelming, but the measure of your print environment can be broken down into three areas, which are explored in this post.
  • Demystifying Total Cost of Owning a Printer
    Of all the factors to take into account when buying a printer for your small or medium business, the price tag is just one. And its importance fades quickly when you consider total cost of ownership (TCO) factors such as life expectancy, toner costs and downtime. This post helps you not only calculate costs, but answer questions like, what kind of printer features do I need? Two-sided printing? Envelope printing? Will I print on 11 X 17 paper?
  • See it on Paper: Tips for Assessing Your Print Environment
    A surprising truth about small and medium size business owners is that most don’t keep an accurate count of how many printers are in their offices. In fact, when questioned, IT leaders incorrectly estimated how many devices they really had by a whopping 70%. Completing an assessment is the first step towards a more efficient, more cost-friendly office. This post outlines the simple steps you can take, and the impact they can make for your business.
  • How Small and Midsize Businesses Improve Security with Cloud and Network Print Solutions
    The top-ranking business priorities for most small and medium size businesses include growing the business, increased productivity through improved workflow/business processes, reduced printing costs and improved security/disaster recovery. These concerns are inexorably tied together and can present a challenge for SMBs, with limited resources. This post explores how cloud and network print solutions improve security and how an MPS partner that can provide the necessary hardware, software and support in an all-in-one package.
  • Top 10 Ways Your Printing is Costing You More than it Should
    Most SMB owners know that printing is costing their business more than it should, but the tricky part is how to identify the source of the waste. This post explores the 10 most common sources of print waste and unnecessary costs, as well as how to resolve them.

One the best things about MPS is that it can scale and grow as your organization does. Download our short ebook on 8 Steps to Choosing the Right MPS Provider, and take the first steps toward a better, faster, leaner print environment for your business.

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