Why Gambling on Bargain Brand Supplies is Always a Losing Bet

Like a lot of people, I’m very health-conscious and follow the advice of experts on exercise, diet, and nutritional supplements. Of course, there aren’t any guarantees, but I believe doing so greatly increases the odds of living a healthy and happy life. Many things in life come down to odds, and whenever possible, I prefer to stack them in my favor. While it’s true that life is a gamble, there are some risks that just aren’t worth taking.

In my business role, too often I see customers unknowingly invite problems into their business when they “gamble” on bargain-brand toner cartridges instead of purchasing from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Sure, the often well-known web e-tailers claim they’re as good asor even better than—the originals, including print page yield, image quality, and reliability.

So, what’s the risk? Lured into a false sense of security, customers give the bargain brand a try—and maybe the first time it’s OK. But this is gambling—and in this instance, the odds are not to your favor.

With Bargain Brands, the House Always Wins

This infographic shows the composite results of testing over the past several years conducted by Buyers Laboratory comparing bargain brand cartridges vs. Xerox originals: page yield, 50% lower; print quality, 94% unacceptable; 40% cartridges failure rate; damage to printers 50% of the time!

I suppose you can live with lower page yield—you just aren’t getting what you paid for, and what you were promised. But what happens when the toner cartridge runs out quite prematurely and you don’t have another, and you have a critical job to print, right now? Or worse – what happens when you go to print that customer presentation you worked on all last week (and over the weekend), and you find that the colors are way off or there are stray marks and blotches everywhere? Not the image you want to present.

Worse still, what happens if the printer won’t print at all? That’s not only frustrating (and even infuriating)for you, it’s also slowing down productivity which negatively impacts your business, and your customers.

Stack the odds…increase your probability for success.Based on the infographic above, the likelihood of any of the above scenarios happening with bargain brand supplies is frighteningly high; even likely. Your work day already has its own challenges. Why add more? When buying toner cartridges for your business, don’t gamble on bargain brands.

The rewards are negligible at best, and the risks are overwhelming. It’s not always easy, or even possible, to stack the odds in your favor, but by using OEM cartridges instead of bargain brands you can, and you’re all but certain to win.

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