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How to Check the Toner Level in Your Printer

By |Sep 11, 2017|

Running out of toner slows down productivity for the whole office. It also seems to happen when you least expect it. Features like embedded web servers and color touch screen user interfaces make it easy to monitor your toner levels, and make running out a thing of the past.

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    What You Need to Know Before Printing Your Own Marketing Collateral

What You Need to Know Before Printing Your Own Marketing Collateral

By |Aug 7, 2017|

If print marketing is important to your business, it’s time to explore the cost saving potential of handling it in-house. Doing so can spare you the excessive costs charged by commercials printers and ensure that your collateral comes out looking picture perfect every time.

What I Learned from Starbucks and How You Can Benefit

By |Jun 5, 2017|

Xerox is improving the customer experience by finding new and better ways to help customers protect themselves against counterfeit supplies – and rewarding them for doing so.

The Perils of Third-Party Printer Supplies

By |Apr 3, 2017|

Stores offer up a smorgasbord of off-brand “like” products at comparatively steep discounts. At prices forty, fifty, even sixty percent lower for the no-name brand, it can be tempting.

5 Easy Ways to Maximize Printing

By |Mar 20, 2017|

While choosing the right toner can have a clear impact on your bottom line, smart small and mid-size businesses are also taking steps to maximize toner longevity.