Saving Money

How to Cut Your Costs by Bringing Your Printing In-House

By |Feb 23, 2018|

With today’s new smart printers and workplace assistants, printing your own marketing collateral in-house has never made more sense. With a few guidelines and a little support, the materials you rely on every day – things like business cards, flyers, letterhead, and mailers – can actually be printed in-house, without sacrificing quality.

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    How does Xerox Easy Translator Stack Up Against Google Translate?

How does Xerox Easy Translator Stack Up Against Google Translate?

By |Feb 15, 2018|

As the Internet of Things increasingly connects people across the globe, the need to translate business documents is also increasing – which brings added costs and challenges for many SMBs. In this post, we’ll explore two easy to use, easy to access translation applications available today to help you find the right one for your business.

How to Know When it’s Time to Replace Your Printer

By |Jan 8, 2018|

There are simple ways to cut your printing costs that don’t require you to do less printing. Most of them are unexpected and yet right under your nose. The newest devices from Xerox also have additional features that target security and sustainability, and which can go a long way toward future proofing your investment.

The Number-One Place You’re Probably Wasting Money

By |Dec 21, 2017|

Some 15 percent of the average small and midsized business’s IT costs are spent on printing. Unnecessary printing wastes time, paper and ink—all of which translate into money.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Toner

By |Dec 11, 2017|

The Buyers Lab Institute (BLI) conducted cartridge tests on multiple different printer cartridges and found that Xerox cartridges delivered superior overall page yields, image quality and reliability performance compared to the remanufactured brand. That is quality you can count on.