Working on the Road – 3 Ways to Increase Productivity and Enhance Collaboration

Small business employees who are responsible for a lot of territories are often on the road. Working on the road can cause an inefficient workflow and hinder an employees’ productivity. It is important to have a process in place when you travel that allows for you to complete tasks in a timely manner and still collaborate with employees back at the office. Here are three ways to maximize productivity and enhance collaboration during your next business trip.

  1. Make a game plan.
    Before you leave for your trip, assign a direct point of contact while you’re away, make a list of everything you want to achieve on the road. Then, create a strategy for where you intend to perform each task. For example, finish things that would be difficult to do remotely before you leave the office, plan to take calls while you’re waiting at a gate and set aside items you can complete without Wi-Fi for the plane ride.
  2. Bring the right equipment.
    On the road, nothing brings productivity and collaboration to a screeching halt quicker than not having the right tools. Be sure to pack these items to ensure your workflow isn’t interrupted on your next business trip.
    • Computer & Phone Chargers
    • Back-up Battery Pack
    • Headphones
    • Wi-Fi Hotspot
    • Mobile Scanner

    Xerox Duplex Scanner
    Xerox® Duplex Travel Scanner is a complete mobile scanning solution for the busy professional on the go.
    Out of all the items listed above, the one most likely to be missing from your bag is a mobile scanner. Although we’ve become a digitally-driven society, contracts, receipts, and other legal documents still get done on paper.
    Having the ability to access, store and send business-critical information back to the office keeps business moving.

    The Xerox Duplex Travel Scanner is one to consider adding to your packing list. It was recently named Mobile Capture Product of the Year at the 2017 Document Manager Awards by Document Manager Magazine, a leading European publication covering the latest on document and content management, and imaging technology.

    It’s small, simple to use and USB powered, which makes it the ideal mobile scanning solution for the busy professional on the go.

  3. Find a designated workspace.
    Gadgets are great, but nothing beats the peace of mind granted by a calm, inspiring work environment, which is especially hard to find while traveling. I like to secure the coveted corner booth at an airport restaurant, the window seat on the plane, or even a shared workspace in a conference center. Once I have my place of flow, I put in some headphones and turn on some music to help drown out disruptive noises.

Working on the road is all about preparation. Having a plan, bringing the right equipment, and finding yourself a solid workplace can make all the difference. You will be faced with roadblocks that don’t present themselves in the office but keep in mind the things mentioned above and there is nothing you won’t be able to overcome.


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