Declare Your Independence from These 5 Things

More than 240 years ago, our nation’s founders turned 13 colonies into a new country when they threw off the yoke of the King. Are you ready to declare your own independence? Here are five things to free yourself from for a more successful business.

  1. Declare your independence from the office.
    Take advantage of warm summer days by getting work done outside the office. Yes, those stock photos of businesspeople with a laptop in hand and toes in the sand can be you and your employees if you enable remote work. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, or simply working at home or a nearby coffee shop, using cloud-based software, file storage, and collaboration apps allows access to everything you need wherever you are.

    With a Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled MFP, you can even print documents from the cloud for added convenience when working away from your office. Worried about printing sensitive documents in a public environment? You can require user authentication in order to print, scan or copy to protect your data. Download the Xerox® Mobile Link app to your smartphone or tablet, and you can scan, fax and print from your device by connecting with Xerox® MFPs.

    Xerox Mobile Link AppXerox Mobile Link App – 3-in-1: Capture It, Manage It, Send It
    Xerox® Mobile Link is a mobile app that can scan, fax and print from your phone or tablet by connecting with Xerox® multifunction printers (MFPs).

  2. Declare your independence from out-of-control printing costs.
    Did you know that printing eats up 15 percent of the average SMB’s IT costs? One look around your office and all of the discarded sheets of paper in trash cans or recycling bins will confirm that fact. Set yourself free from excessive paper and ink costs by storing documents in the cloud whenever possible. You can rapidly scan existing print documents into popular cloud storage apps, like Microsoft 365, Google Drive and Dropbox, when you use Xerox Versalink® printers with ConnectKey technology.

    Even for those times you still need to use paper, there’s no need to waste money. You can save by choosing Xerox® printers that print on both sides of the paper by default. You can even set permissions on the printers to require a PIN code before users can print, restricting wasteful or personal printing.
  3. Declare your independence from time-consuming business processes.
    Are you still using tedious manual processes for things like creating invoices or updating accounting spreadsheets? You can put your time to better use by harnessing technology to create and automate efficient workflows.

    For example, do you receive paper invoices from vendors, scan them in one by one at the scanner, save them as PDF files and then input the data into your accounts payable records? A lot of those steps could be eliminated using Xerox® Web Capture Service. Create a workflow that automatically scans invoices, stores them in the cloud or other destination of your choice, and saves the information directly into the appropriate application.

    Xerox® Web Capture ServicesXerox® Web Capture Services
    Automated scanning-to-web based application software. Ideal for mid-size businesses that rely on web-based applications as part of their business processes.

  4. Declare your independence from data security risks.
    Data security is a constant concern for small business owners. While there’s no way to completely free yourself from risk, you can go a long way by taking steps to seal off areas of vulnerability in your business. Make sure employees’ computers and devices, as well as your business network, are protected with antivirus software that updates automatically. Regularly educate your employees on data security protocols.

    Did you know that networked printers can provide an opening for hackers? Safeguard your printers—and the data you transmit to them—with Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled printers and MFPs. They’re equipped to prevent intrusion, malicious attacks, and unauthorized access.

    For example, you can set permissions that prevent printing until an authorized user is at the printer and ensure that only the employees who need to see a document have access to it. Printers with Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology also protect your data by encrypting it during transmission and when it’s stored on the printer.
  5. Declare your independence from overwork.
    Are you working 20 hours a day and still not getting everything done? It’s time to take charge. Track your time for a week or two to see what you’re actually doing with all those hours. Then figure out where you can cut back and which duties you can delegate. Stop multitasking and start focusing on the most important tasks each day. You’ll feel less frazzled and be more productive.

While you’re at it, make some time for yourself. Actually get a good night’s sleep, commit to at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, and spend time with people who rejuvenate you. By working a bit less, you’ll most likely find yourself getting a lot more accomplished.

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