Space Saving Technology For Work And Home Offices

You have heard the mantra: increase productivity to increase profits. There are hundreds of books that discuss how to increase productivity, but did you know that by implementing a few space saving technologies for both a work and a home office, you reap the benefits of a more productive office space and hence, a more profitable work environment?

A survey of a little more than 2,000 professionals discovered a strong relationship between the design of a work space and employee productivity. Professionals that had a say in the design of a work space and made the decision to maximize the amount of space used to perform work-related tasks were more satisfied with their work environments. Other studies have linked worker satisfaction to improved business performance.

Let’s look at a few simple ways to incorporate design and electronic technology into the creation of space saving work and home offices

The Move to Open Space Plans

Forget placing corridors and dividers to separate office spaces. Instead, embrace the trend of creating open office space plans that foster collaboration and enhance communication. According to research performed by Kahler Slater, about 75% of offices located in the United States have introduced some type of open office space design. In 2014, real estate brokerage company CBRE got rid of desks and instead, placed couches and sofas inside a large space to create a work “neighborhood. The trend towards adding open office space plans has not translated to the same concept at home, where most offices continue to operate behind closed doors. Since telecommuting has become an integral part of our work routine, the same open plan for work offices should be the norm for home offices moving forward.

Out with PCs, In with Notepads

The traditional office typically contained a large personal computer that required a monitor, keyboard, speakers, and an assortment of additional space clogging electronic devices. Advanced technology has made it practical to connect a notepad or a small laptop to a cable for accessing the Internet. You do not need a large desk to work from home or at the office. A small table is more than enough space to perform computing tasks and interact online with professional peers.

Portable Office Furniture

Design flexibility is all the rage at many upstarts. Furniture moves from one office space to another office space to free up more room for meetings and brainstorming sessions. The end of permanent office space designs gives professionals the ability to create office spaces that adapt to changing workload demands. Another flexible design concept is to develop an office space that includes a standing platform where professionals work from for short periods. After standing to take a Skype call, you can lower the desk and push a portable chair back into the office to sit down and write a memo to colleagues.

Technology that Eliminates Wires

As one of the principal partners at Workwell, Scott Lesizza has noticed a growing number of clients asking for solutions to reduce the amount of wires in running across offices or eliminate wiring all together.  Lesizza works with clients to eliminate wires, as well as reduce the clutter caused by using electronic devices. “Between wires, laptops and other electronic devices, to docking stations, paperwork and personal items, there are many things that can make a room full of open desks appear very disorganized,” said Lesizza in a recent interview.  “We are seeing more manufacturers develop solutions that are clean and simple.”

When it comes to space saving solutions for work and home offices, the mantra for the future will be “Less is more.”

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