• Permalink Featured in this photo are Randy Dazo (BLI), Deanna Flanick (BLI), Bertrand Cerisier (Xerox), Rui Ferreira (Xerox), Tracey Koziol (Xerox), Joe Levy (Xerox), Terry Antinora (Xerox), Jamie Bsales (BLI), and Fred Ramsey (Xerox). The inset photo shows all four Software Line of the Year Awards, from 2014 (l) to 2017 (r).Gallery

    BLI Names Xerox Software Line of the Year for Fourth Year in a Row

BLI Names Xerox Software Line of the Year for Fourth Year in a Row

By |Apr 13, 2017|

For the fourth straight year, Buyers Laboratory Inc. (BLI) has awarded Xerox with its coveted Software Line of the Year Award which recognizes the vendor that offers the most complete and robust software portfolio across BLI’s covered range of document imaging application categories.

7 Innovations to Look for in Your Next Printer

By |May 12, 2016|

Believe it or not, the technology on today’s printers solves bigger problems than you might think. When you’re ready to upgrade, look for these 7 innovations in your next multifunction printer to keep your work flowing.

5 Essentials for the “Office” of the Future

By |Mar 11, 2016|

Yesterday I traveled to the Gil Hatch Center for Customer Innovation in Rochester, NY to talk with my partner Xerox and visiting press and analysts about the future of work and office technology. Given that the office isn’t a necessary a physical location anymore, both software and hardware must be configured to be used effectively and efficiently by a growing virtual, mobile and contract workforce. Whether you are an enterprise or an SMB, here are the must-haves for your technology.

Advice to Business Leaders: Don’t Disregard Digitization and Disruptive Innovation

By |Jan 27, 2014|

Our global economy is at the point where every industry is affected by technology. While that’s not a shocking revelation, it is a reality that too

Agile Collaboration Breeds Genuine Innovation

By |Sep 20, 2013|

My boss recently shared a story from his days as a product marketing manager on the Xerox Solid Ink program team.

As the story goes, every day while in