How the Right Supplies Can Maximize Productivity and Print Performance

Business owners and managers are faced with big decisions day in, and day out. They’re also faced with big challenges. Reducing overhead. Increasing productivity. Which MFP is right for our office? Should we let our teams work remotely? That’s why it’s such a relief to find that every once in a while, a decision comes along that is easy to make – and which yields big results, with little effort.

In this case, the magic word is toner. That’s right: toner. The supplies you choose are as important to the productivity of your office and the cost of running it as the equipment you choose. It’s a gospel we’ve been preaching for years, but not everyone has gotten the message. That’s why we’re talking about it again today, to give you a detailed look at just what choosing the right supplies can do for your office productivity, and for another critical element of your office output: your print performance.

Often overlooked, toner is the unsung hero of the modern workplace, having undergone significant changes in recent years that has made it easier to use and also less expensive at the same time. Not many office products can say the same. Here’s how today’s office supplies can help you build a better office, starting with everyone’s favorite:

  1. Lower costs.
    While cost isn’t everything, it is a driving factor for many office purchases. While genuine supplies are always a better investment in the long run, most people would be surprised to know that quality toner is more affordable than ever before. Technological advances in toner design have resulted in better, less expensive, and safer materials, as well as machines that operate faster and cleaner.

    An excellent example is the EA (Emulsion Aggregation) toner from Xerox. Because EA toners melt at a lower temperature than other toners, EA toners adhere to paper better without building up inside the machine. Because toner build up eventually leads to a service call, EA toners make for greater dependability. And because they melt at a lower temperature, they also result in lower energy consumption, saving you an average of 20% on your energy costs. What’s more, the smaller toner particles used in Xerox’s EA toner allow your printer to use less toner for each print job, resulting in less waste. Those savings can really add up.Xerox Supplies

  2. Better print quality.
    As we said above, cost isn’t everything. Toner’s sole responsibility is to ensure you’re your image quality is the best it can be. Super-fine EA toner from Xerox is the gold standard for toner, producing a higher quality appearance thanks to the unique chemical process used in its creation, which results in smaller toner particles. Smaller particles result in finer lines, and a much crisper, cleaner looking print. Print quality is important to workflow – if you can’t read it, you can’t work with it – but it’s especially important for companies who print their own marketing materials.

    In comparative cartridge tests on several different printer cartridges, the Buyers Lab Institute (BLI) found that Xerox cartridges delivered superior overall page yields, image quality, and reliability performance compared to the remanufactured brand. And when it comes to productivity, and how you represent your business, quality matters.

  1. Print better AND faster.
    We live in a world of instant gratification. The digital age has allowed us to have everything from takeout (online ordering for the win!) to trivia answers faster than ever before (“Alexa, who was St. Louis?”) So why are you still waiting for your printer to warm up before you can get on with your task?

    Xerox asked that very questions while creating its EA toner. The result is an instant heating process that no longer requires downtime while you wait for the printer to warm up. By switching to EA toner from Xerox, the printer is always waiting for you, and not the other way around.

  1. Never run out of supplies.
    The only thing worse than waiting for the printer to warm up is finding that you’ve run out of toner altogether and can’t print at all. Since we all know that Murphy’s Law of office life says this is more likely to happen when you need to print the most, having the option of automatic supplies replenishment can your office’s productivity a huge boost (and probably boost employee morale at the same time). Xerox eConcierge™ (U.S.) actively monitors every printer in your fleet – regardless of brand – and notifies your preferred supplier automatically when it’s time to replace your toner or ink. It will also alert you when your device is in need of service. It’s that simple. No more relying on employees to order supplies. No more order forms or phone calls. And best of all, no more running low on supplies.

    This service is simple, secure, available with any brand of equipment, and best of all, it doesn’t even require a contract. It’s been hugely popular with SMB owners and office managers worldwide, and we think you’ll like it too. Take a look at this video to learn more.

  1. No more interruptions.
    If you like having plenty of supplies on hand at all times, we think you’ll love this. The new Xerox toner cartridges are not only less expensive and can be ordered automatically without any help from you; they are also easier to remove/install from your printer. While changing the toner cartridge may not seem like a monumental task, it is the last thing you want to do when you’re in a hurry, and if we’re honest with ourselves, many of us find it rather intimidating.

    Cartridges that are easily installed in seconds are a big relief for everyone and a great step forward toward a more productive work environment. What’s more, by making them easier to remove and install, you’re setting yourself up for far fewer service calls down the line. And that’s good news for everything from your productivity graph to your financial bottom line.

Ready to make the transition to efficient, high-quality toner? Unsure how much toner is in your printer?  Let us help you locate an approved Xerox Supplies Service provider or find a sales location near you.

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