How to Get More Done Without Hiring More Employees

For most businesses, productivity is synonymous with return on investment (ROI). For example, the cost of an employee versus the value that they generate for the business (a difficult number to calculate in any circumstance).

But what happens when the business is thriving, with new clients and new projects coming in, but the hiring budget hasn’t caught up with the workflow? Small businesses and startups face this challenge often, as the work required for growth often outstrips the personnel on hand to handle it.

Handing over additional responsibilities to already busy and productive employees is a great way to find yourself with even fewer employees than you started with, as overwork is one of the most common causes of turnover. It leads to employees feeling undervalued, disrupts work-life balance, and is just generally terrible for employee morale.

So, how can businesses improve productivity without hiring more employees – or overworking the ones they have?

1. Minimize Meetings and Emails

Meetings and emails have the same end goal: communicate important information to multiple people as efficiently as possible. So why aren’t they more efficient? And why do we dread them so?

It’s true that your business can’t do without them entirely, but there are ways to run better meetings and have fewer of them.

Reducing the number of emails you grapple with daily may seem trickier, but it’s not impossible.

  • Start from the top down. Research has shown that when leadership sends fewer emails, their employees are likely to do the same. Encourage your staff to use email efficiently (succinct, to the point copy, clear requests or assignations), and to minimize unnecessary replies.
  • Streamline collaboration. Storing information on a shared system can reduce the need to send emails about things like project updates, problems and contingencies, or documents and files related to a project/client. Consider storing files in a central repository, like the Cloud, and enabling collaboration tools to reduce the need for individual emails.

2. Get More From Your Space

Factors as simple as your office layout can have a significant impact on productivity, collaboration, and even employee satisfaction. It’s an element most business owners rarely consider because the question of how to use the space is usually of little concern when compared with factors like the cost and location.

If you’re one of the many business owners who simply marched in and set up desks without much consideration for how your layout would affect the way your team works, read this post and start making some productivity-boosting changes today.

3. Go Digital

Paper-to-digital transformation eBook
Download the Paper-to-digital transformation eBook here.

Making the switch from paper processes to digital – even for just a portion of your business processes – can help you do everything from saving money and time to improve collaboration and data security. Digitization benefits every industry and is rapidly becoming the new way to work for businesses of every size.

Getting started is simple. These 9 scanning tips can help you cut your costs and improve your productivity starting today. Need a bit more support? Contact a Xerox Channel Partner who can help you make the transition from paper to digital smoothly and easily.

4. Skip a Few Steps

6 Ways Apps Help Build Your Digital Workplace

You may be surprised to learn that it is possible to do more with less effort. It’s also surprisingly simple. In fact, you’ll probably wonder why you aren’t working this way already.

The easiest way to accomplish it is by transforming your office using the same technology that has transformed your life: the App. App technology in the workplace is helping businesses do everything from print on the go to translate documents. They can connect you to your team, help you send confidential documents securely, and so much more.

Xerox® ConnectKey® for DocuShare® lets you scan and route documents directly to existing DocuShare collections, shared network folders, email, and the cloud, which means fewer steps, potentially fewer mistakes, and much greater productivity for you and your team.

Xerox also offers easy to use solutions that marry app and scanning technology to reduce the number of steps required to take a process from start to finish. Web Capture Service from Xerox cuts your scanning time in half by allowing you to scan directly into web applications like like QuickBooks Online, Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, Workday and more. Best of all? It works with any brand of scanner or MFP. Here’s how, and what it can do for your office.

5. Rest and Recharge

In an age where technology has made us constantly connected, around the clock and across the world, breaks can be hard to come by, but they’re definitely worth the effort. A shocking 40 percent of all Americans don’t take all of their vacation, leaving 430 million days of unused paid vacation a year, according to the U.S. Travel Association.

In fact, the workers studied said they wouldn’t take time off, even though 90 percent rated their vacations as close to perfect, and the majority said vacations helped them relax and recharge, reduced their stress, enabled them to build closer relationships with family and made them happier.

Far from reducing productivity, taking regular vacations can actually improve your business’s productivity. Encouraging employees to take the rest they need can also improve their health, and help you minimize turnover, which is a huge productivity drain. Here’s how to take a break without breaking down.

6. Outsource

If you’re still not sure where to begin, or you need to make significant changes to the way you do business, consider investing in a Managed Print Service. Smarter document management can have far-reaching benefits for your business, from increased productivity to reduced costs and improved security.

By outsourcing your document management to a pro, you can reduce the strain on your core staff, and accomplish more without adding new team members. Choosing the right one doesn’t have to be difficult. We have 8 simple steps that can get you on the path to a more efficient office environment today.

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    This article hit home for me. I helped consult for a towing company in San Diego and we saw vast improvements in the business from automating and working with more digital systems. Simply installing better call tracking and form flows on their website has made a huge difference for tracking and accounting for leads and marketing campaign items. Thanks for posting this!

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