Too much information? The new Office Printer Comparison tool makes your research easy.

David Savoy, Web Programs Manager
Xerox Interactive Marketing

I do a lot of online shopping, especially during the holiday season, and find I am really put off by web pages that inundate me with information before I’m ready for it. There’s a time and place for getting into the nuts and bolts of a specific product, but in the early stages of my research I’d rather see the big picture. This gives me a general idea of what’s available and then I can decide from there what additional information I need before making a purchase. 

We know our customers’ time is valuable so when we set out to design Xerox’s new Office Printer Comparison tool for our website, we wanted to make sure we did not deluge our visitors with data to sort through. We built the new tool to let them decide what content they wanted to see as they compared the different printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) in our product line.

The product comparison tool allows our customers to easily research up to three office products side-by-side helping them compare the key features that are important to them and better understand the differences between our printers and MFPs. Here’s how it works.

  • Select the category of office product that fits your need from a drop down menu; Color, Black-and-white, Printer or Multifunction printer. The available products will populate the page along with the key features for each.
  • Choose up to three products to compare side-by-side in even greater detail and click the “Compare checked products” button. 

The printers or multifunction printers you selected will appear in an easy-to -read chart indicating price, speed, resolution, paper capacity, operating support and more. And the product specification categories within the chart include expandable and collapsible sections so you can display just the information you need to help you decide what is right for your office. We’ve also included links so you can request additional information and to help you locate a sales contact if you’re ready to take the next step.

Check it out. We’d like to hear what you think.

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