How to Check the Toner Level in Your Printer

Running out of toner can be a frustrating cause of downtime in your office. It’s avoidable, but if you don’t know where to look it can sneak up on you when you least expect it (like when you need to print that big presentation to share with your customer).

Not all printers are the same, but most are designed to show you how much toner is left in the cartridges. Here are a few places to check.

Color Touch Screen User Interface

All of our new VersaLink printers and MFPs feature a color touch screen user interface. This interface gives you direct access to your toner levels, making it easy to determine just how much toner is left.  Not only that, but you can check the status of other supplies too – like your drums or waste cartridge!  Simply touch the Device app and select supplies.

VersaLink C405 Color Multifunction Printer
VersaLink C405 Color Multifunction Printer

You can still check toner levels for networked printers without a color touch screen interface using the front panel interface and will most likely see you ‘gas gauge’ style columns indicating how much toner is left.

Embedded Web Server

Most networked printers include a web interface you can access over your network. Simply enter the IP address of the printer or MFP into your web browser and you can surf through settings and current status with ease. This is another common location for retrieving toner status – as you can see in the photo below. Using this method, you can check in on your printer right from where you sit, even if it’s down the hall or in the next building.

Print Driver

Xerox VersaLink C405 Color Multifunction Printer Driver

Printers and MFPs that have bi-directional print drivers (like all the VersaLink printers and MFPs) automatically display status, including toner levels, within the print driver. The VersaLink C405 Color Multifunction Printer includes this capability, as indicated by the row of icons in the lower right corner. Hover the cursor over these icons and the interface will bring up more details.

The new Versalink family of devices was designed to transform the way the world works. These devices go beyond print, copy and fax to be true workplace assistants, improving the way your office works and helping you increase your productivity. Find out more about the possibilities Versalink holds for your business in the video below.

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Email Alerts

Rather than checking your toner levels when at the machine or browsing to the Embedded Web Server, you can have the printer or MFP send you an alert via email when you’re getting low.  For the ultimate convenience, configure your printer or MFP to send you an email when it’s getting low – it’s as easy as that!



So, are your toner levels low? Shop for genuine Xerox supplies here.

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    How do you check the toner level on a Phaser 6280?

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    hello, how can I check toner level on pe22o printer? thanks.

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  6. […] How to Check the Toner Level in Your Printer This one may seem simple but it’s proof that we all – and some time or another – can use a hand even with the basics. […]

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