Reasons to Pay Attention to Mobile Print in 2013

By Nathan Van Ness, Xerox Corporation

Today, my Xerox colleague, Breanna Banford, shared some insights regarding why mobile printing is fast becoming a necessary tool for a variety of industries.

Breanna’s post highlights a few interesting facts that I believe resonate particularly strongly with small businesses. As the workforce continues to embrace–and depend on–the tools and technologies that allow for greater mobility and flexibility, it seems likely that mobile printing will become a must-have capability for small-businesses that need to be nimble to stay competitive.


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  1. Rob Houston, Xerox January 4, 2013 - Reply

    Having been a part of the team that launched Xerox PrintBack in late 2011, I can testify both to the rising importance of enabling printing on mobile devices and the challenge it presents for customers today. There is currently no “one-size-fits-all” solution that enables all scenarios, choosing the solution that fits their unique needs can be a trail-and-error process customers who want to print while away from their desks.

    More information is available at about the solutions Xerox offers to ease printing on the go.

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